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Danube Overlook

Austria, Austria - jimbaffico: 2008-09-14
Beautiful, beautiful Austria.  I stand on a Danube River hilltop and survey the green rolling farmland.  Patchwork perfect cozy farmsteads, woodpiles impeccably kept; neatly manicured lanes happily wending through the bounty; fields standing green as you . . . more

Driving to Punta Cana

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - jimbaffico: 2007-10-24
Call it bad planning on my part, but I didn't adequately scope out the roads between La Romana and Punta Cana. Since there is such a heavy tourist trade in both places, I guess I figured that it would be tourist friendly. You know the kind of place where . . . more

Drakensberg is South Africas best kept secret

Drakensberg, South Africa - drakensberg: 2005-12-03

South Africa offers tourists coming to our country a huge choice of holiday destinations. But its the Drakensberg Mountains that are still kept as an secret place thats seems a bit off the normal beat . . . more

Alarm Fly

Dahab, Egypt - dave: 2005-04-05
I have an alarm fly. This elusive instrument decides on it's own accord to wake me up at 6am every morning. All though it is really tiny and quiet, it achieves it's goal by flying just above my head, circling my ear. Then it flies to the other side of . . . more

Think Twice About Vacations In Mexico

outside of Playa del Carmen, Mexico - kim10: 2004-12-19
The "new" Mexican hot spot is the Riviera Maya area which includes; Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen. They are attempting to move tourists to Playa del Carmen area(about 45 minutes from Cancun). The Mexicans know once they have you their you are basica . . . more

Gourmet and adventure in the Drakensberg

Drakensberg, South Africa - drakensberg: 2004-12-17
This Drakensberg story is one of retreat, beauty, relaxation and good
eating.. The drive towards the Drakensberg Mountains swept over the undulating
foothills down side-roads that snake along meandering countryside to our first
destination Cleo . . . more

god's own country

alleppey, kerala - jaiuma: 2004-11-30
I've got a lot of online friends who are keralites. They keep telling me about the virtures of being a native of Kerala. So this time round I visited that place to check the veracity of their statements. Believe me if there is heaven, then it surely has to . . . more

Police Protects Resort

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - kim10: 2004-10-29
Just learned some disturbing information on the reinvestigation of the unintentional murder of 8 year old Brent Midlock, and I, as I am sure any reader will be that the prosecutor could not find any one guilty in this crime. A little boy was innocently loo . . . more

Police Protects Resort

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - kim10: 2004-10-29
Just learned some disturbing information on the reinvestigation of the unintentional murder of 8 year old Brent Midlock, and I, as I am sure any reader will be that the prosecutor could not find any one guilty in this crime. A little boy was innocently loo . . . more

Learning Mexico's Bus System

off the beaten path, Mexico - busacrossmexico: 2004-10-26
Copyright 2004 Robert Berryhill

We couldn't help but smile at the stunned looks the other couple gave us. They had approached us in the sunny Mexican plaza because we were reading an English language newspaper. Clearly they were exasperated. < . . . more


Cajon de Maipo, Chile - suzyandtodd: 2004-10-26
Last Saturday, went for a good hike in the mountains close to santiago - an area called cajon de maipo...we actually started from a town called San Jose de Maipo, and tood a truck up to Lagunillas, then hiked around an area that is for skiing in the winter . . . more

bella vistas

valparaiso, Chile - suzyandtodd: 2004-10-19
We went to Valparaiso last weekend...its a really beautiful city on the coast, only about 2 hours by bus from Santiago. Kinda reminded us of someplace in italy, maybe the cinque terra, except bigger...lots of curvy streets, steep hills, colorful houses. . . . more

Futbol fans gone wild

Estadio National, Santiago, Chile - suzyandtodd: 2004-10-15
Wow, we saw the Chilean futbol team play Argentina two nights ago at Estadio National in Santiago. The score ended in a tie at 0-0, but you wouldnt know it by the crowd. The stadium was packed and emotions were running high. I still have confetti in the p . . . more

Amazing Hideaway

Platanitos Nayarit, Mexico - mexicosta: 2004-10-09
Escaping from the overpriced, over visited and commericalized Puerto Vallarta we drove North through Jungles and mountains, tobacco fields, bean fileds and small villages of Zacualpan, San Isidro and Ixtapa until ther ein front of us blossomed the blue pac . . . more

exploring santiago

santiago, Chile - suzyandtodd: 2004-10-07
Santiago has turned out to be bigger and more fast paced than we expected. Chileans speak the fastest spanish in latin america...so, yeah, spanish lessons are good. As far as sightseeing, weve taken a funicular to the top of Cerro San Cristobal, which is . . . more

starting out!

santiago, Chile - suzyandtodd: 2004-10-03
We arrived in Chile yesterday...the house is very nice, full of friendly europeans who already showed us around a bit as soon as we got in the door! Got a little aquaited with Santiago last night and today, and are looking forward to starting some spanish . . . more

Riveria Maya Growing Too Fast

Occidental Grand Xcaret, Mexico - kim10: 2004-09-22
I just want to make a few additional comments about the tragic death of an inncocent child. When will people rise to the "corporate philosophy" in the case of Brent Midlock and let them know that enough is enough ? Steal a life because of your incompetenc . . . more

Moving To Africa's 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY - M2A

Maputo, Mozambique - movingtoafrica: 2004-12-06

Jamy & I have been in Mozambique, Africa for just about 11-months now.
The Moving To Africa Blog however, has been around a little longer than that...
The blog went online with its first post on October 13, 2003 (a little over
2-mon . . . more


Maputo, Mozambique - movingtoafrica: 2004-09-16

So, in case you live in a cave (and I hope its comfy you techno-fearing luddite),
here's a bit of news f or you. This just in: Blogs are becoming more and more
popular. (And you thought they would just go away. D'oh!). Did any of you see . . . more

great roads

blue ridge parkway, USA - freeman: 2004-08-31
on august 8th 2004 at 7;45am i left st.louis mo.on 2004 roadking custom harley davidson and arrived at 7;oopm in pigeon forge tennessee.i camped at koa till next morning.the ride to pigeon was clear and sunny all the way.ran interstate all the way there to . . . more

#11 - Lebanon and Turkey

Lebanon and Turkey, Multi-Country - wanderlust: 2004-07-16

I caught the pick pocket.

Madrid, Barcelona, Spain - jimbaffico: 2004-06-21
Madrid June 3rd, we arrive in Madrid and find the splendid Hotel Real awaiting us. Joey had wired ahead and arranged a fine bottle of champagne and fruit plate in celebration of our 37th wedding anniversary. And a surprise note for me: I can’t reve . . . more

Beautiful Hawar

Island, Bahrain - vishal: 2004-06-17
Hi! This is not written in a Story/Narrative format. I recorded this in an email to one of my friend in Delhi. Visit this beautiful country, and this place HAWAR in particular.


My dear friend,

Hello! I hope every . . . more


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - britstarusa: 2004-06-08
If you want to go to a festival, then why not treat yourself (and the family!) to a week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The biggest event of the year, the second biggest being the State Fair.

There are more than 10 stages, music to suit everyone's . . . more

#10 - Jordan and Syria

#10 - Jordan and Syria, Syria - wanderlust: 2004-06-04

The Rock that got scalped

Niue, Niue - William: 2004-05-14
Not far from New Zealand, relatively speaking for this part of the world, lies the Island of Niue, the smallest independant nation in the world, and a former protectorate of New Zealand. Niue has a population of between fifteen hundred and eighteen hundred . . . more

Ready, set ...

East Doncaster, Australia - rberry: 2004-05-11
With just three days to go before departing for Japan the excitement of setting off on a an eight week adventure is intensifying. The realisation that there are so many things to prepare beforehand is quite daunting. Somehow I hope that everything will fal . . . more

La Rio Fortuna

La Fortuna, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-16
After coming down from our hike to Cerro Chato crater, we stopped to visit the waterfall (la catarata). We made the descent down some steep steps to the base of la catarata and . . . more

hiking to Cerro Chato Crater

La Fortuna, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-16
Tom and I got up at 8am for our breakfast of gallo pinto and plantnos, etc. After filling up, we headed out to Cerro Chato Crater. Found 2 trail deadends, misinformed . . . more

near Volcn Arenal

La Fortuna, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-15
We arrived in La Fortuna after a very lengthy bus ride from San Jos (approx. 5 hours). I accidentally forgot about the time change, so we woke up 2 hours later than originally planned, missed breakfast at at the hotel (Hotel Aranjuz) and our 8:15am bus o . . . more

first impressions

San Jose, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-14
Finally, we're here in Costa Rica after a lengthy delay at DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth airport) due to unusual weather conditions and a subsequent need to de-ice the plane. Since snow is app . . . more

porn for breakfast

Milan, Italy - bette: 2004-02-24
With only pennies to our names Milan hardly seemed like the obvious place for two students to explore but theres so much more to Milan than the expensive designer living its famous for.
We did all our travelling round the city on foot which was an ama . . . more

#9 - Egypt

Egypt, Egypt - wanderlust: 2004-02-16
I can't think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything. Suddenly you are five years old again. You can't read anything, you only have the most rudimentary sense of how . . . more


White Tank Mountains, Ford Canyon Trail, Arizona, USA - jeffmores: 2004-01-23
A seamless world, lit by dirt paths and stationary healers - the dust of drum beats opening pores - each breath an entrance to the opposite side of my eyes - flutes out of the canopy of blue - reverence - I am everywhere - here is there - there is here - a . . . more

Goa Beach Travelogue

Goa, India - goabeach: 2004-01-28
Favourite Beaches of Goa
The beaches of Goa are like the curves of a woman's body - warm, inviting, sensous.

The combination of the "sosegdo" or laid back lifestyle, bracing weather and Goa's carnival-like nightlife has been known to lure ma . . . more

#8 - Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Ethiopia - wanderlust: 2004-01-27
Travelers learn not just foreign customs and curious cuisines and unfamiliar beliefs and novel forms of government. They learn, if they are lucky, humility. Experiencing on their sense a world different from their own, they realize their provincialism and . . . more

Hitching B.C

British Columbia, Canada - lsp181: 2004-01-20
Hitch hiking is a tradition that had been around for a long time. It has always been the ultimate in budget travel to me. It usually went hand in hand with surviving on a sheckle or two a day, along with washing and relieving yourself in . . . more


Amsterdam, Netherlands - bette: 2004-01-09
The main things I remember about Amsterdam are the smell of cabbage, the dark refreshing rain, the fear of walking on what you think is a footpath and constantly hearing bring bring at your heels from a cyclist, and the amazing stacked up buildings like . . . more

laughed so much my belly hurt

Paris, France - bette: 2004-01-09
Gracing the streets of Montmartre, Paris by night with our backpacks and limited Euros we took a gamble and settled into a rickety budget hotel. With the fabulous view of four brick walls from our window and a brooding hotel owner with a limp it felt a bit . . . more


acadia national park, adirondak mountains & more, USA - jeffmores: 2003-06-20
The following is a journal of spontaneous writing I kept on a trip I took with family from the Midwest to the East Coast in May and June of 2003. We traveled in an RV across Indiana, Michigan, through Canada, Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Rhoad Island, . . . more

#7 - Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda

Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda, Multi-Country - wanderlust: 2003-12-11
"What, then, is a traveling mind-set?Receptivity might be said to be its chief characteristic. Receptive, we approach new places with humility. We carry with us no rigid ideas about what is or is not interesting. We irritate locals because we stand in traf . . . more

The Key

Los Angeles, USA - steven89n: 2003-12-06
Apply what has happened in the past
To what is learned

Evaluate what has happened
So you can apply what is learned

What I have read
To what I know

This way there is no mistakes

N . . . more

""Isla Bonita""

San Juan, Puerto Rico - bella0217: 2003-11-04
I lived in Puerto Rico for almost 4 years and i think it is a beautiful place. If you prefere the quiet areas there are great resorts near the beach far from the city. There you will enjoy the sites of big green mountains, trees full of delicious fruits . . . more

#6 - Malawi

Malawi, Malawi - wanderlust: 2003-11-03

Confused how I arrived in Malawi from Mozambique? A large number of people did not receive Wanderlust #5 - Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. Click on http://wanderlust.on.journeyfile.com/ for economic lessons in hyperinflation, sinking Mokoros, and Bru . . . more

The Baha'i house

House, USA - chicago: 2003-10-25
The place that i have been to and liked is the Baha'i House Of Worship. it's a big temple in Chicago on the lake shore of Michigan. The Baha'i house is a sacred place that represents all religions, races, and the oneness of God and mankind. the building is . . . more


Wisconsin, USA - thomasnava: 2003-10-22
Are you looking for a place to go with the family on a nice summer day? What about a place that has a lot of food, that will make your taste buds go crazy? Well, I know of a perfect place; that is the Wisconsin State Fair. There are many things to do th . . . more

24 miles of gravel,worth it !

wyoming and colorado, USA - freeman: 2003-10-15
left sturgis 8-9-03 west on 90 to powder river canyon pass went south through every possible landscape change from giant rock boulders to deep mountainous woods to desert like conditions all in one day.out of wyoming in to colorado hwy 430 turns to gravel . . . more

#5 - Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia

Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia, Zimbabwe - wanderlust: 2003-10-14
# 5 Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia



Bali, Indoneisa - Detex: 2003-10-08
In year 2000 i was in Singapore and i meet with some guys from USA and Canada, and they have plan to visit Bali, few of them have been there before, so they told all sort of stories, so i made a plan to visit Bali with those guys, finally we were there, Th . . . more

#4 - Drakensberg and Mozambique

Drakensberg and Mozambique, Multi-Country - wanderlust: 2003-09-18

Doing London in 3 days flat

London, UK - ireson: 2003-09-02
Well where does it all start? My home in York. 2 hours mainline train strait to King's Cross station then to my hotel and now we really start.

Day 1 Greenwich. Worth a day in itself this lovely little village .. as was a few hundred years ago tha . . . more

#3 - Garden Route

Garden Route, Multi-Country - wanderlust: 2003-08-12

Tour de France

Lago D'Orta, France - jimbaffico: 2003-08-14
Lago D’Orta The cities, the noise, the traffic is far behind. The air here is strangely soft and pure. The serenity is palpable. The beauty of the place envelops you, outside and in. The near by mountains surrounding you are high and covered wit . . . more

101 ways

Hawai'i, USA - simf2p: 2003-08-04
:: 101 Ways... ::

101. A familiar number wouldnt you say? What comes to mind when that number is mentioned? Dalmatians right? Well the number holds a special meaning here on the Islands as well. The land of sun, surf & bikinis. Hawaiis, islan . . . more

#2 - Cape Town

Cape Town, Multi-Country - wanderlust: 2003-07-26

stu & kajas european tour

europe, Spain - stu&kajaseuropetrip: 2003-07-25
i decided i had had enough of england and wanted to see a bit of the world outside. kaja my girlfriend felt the same too (except shes from norway) so we bought a renault trafic van and got my sisters boyfriend to turn it into a camper. then it broke down . . . more

Sunburned Shoulders and the Hanoi Hilton

Hanoi, Vietnam - Kevin: 2003-07-12

It was my eighth and unfortunately last day in Vietnam. Within twenty-four hours, I would climb on board a plane and soon have to face the reality of work. My whirlwind visit to Northern Vietnam had been an exciting and memorable one, but my final . . . more

#1 - Wanderlust

Inspiration, Multi-Country - wanderlust: 2003-06-23
I have been living in Miami for the past 3 years and life has treated me well. I worked for a wireless technology company while traveling throughout Latin America, befriended people from all over the globe, became an avid kiteboarder, and for those who vi . . . more

The comeback city

Berlin, Germany - bellsie: 2003-06-09
.....and there I was, Ost (East) Berlin. A city that lived by way of communism, war and division. Berlin is now cavorting in their new found identity. A city where the underground scene is notorious for live bands, drugs, dingy bars, art and general "bl . . . more

A Walk in the Korean Woods

Bukansan National Park outside Seoul, South Korea - Kevin: 2003-06-08
It had been more than a month since I first landed at Incheon International Airport in Korea and moved to my new home in the city of Ilsan. Suffering from a mild case of culture shock I made a concerted effort to cope with the ever-present air pollution an . . . more

dombascian adventurer

new york, USA - marku: 2003-06-06
23.11.02 12.15 pm- Home
Well, nerves are starting to kick in. I'm packed, sacked, jacked and ready to go. Smashing Pumpkins are playing on the stereo, I'm triple checking everything in my mind, tickets-check, passport-check, underwear-check, podgy li . . . more

A Few Days in Off The Mekong

Luang Prabang, Laos - Kevin: 2003-06-03

My two days chugging ever so slowly down the Mekong River were coming to a close. Two days on an overcrowded water-taxi of sorts was broken up by a one-night stopover in the Lao village of Pak beng. Slowly chugging down the chocolate milk waters of . . . more

why torreon?!

city, South Africa - fuberu: 2003-05-04
while in the washroom at the disco in the slightly wealthier city of torreon in central mexico...a guy says something in spanish and i try to reply in my awkward spanish speaking ways...then he talks down to me in english and says its okay to speak english . . . more

Angkor The Great !

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia - trippyjack: 2003-04-23
Eventually, after having spent many months,travelling through Cambodia, I came across the enchanting ancient city of Angkor. To absorb the magical atmosphere of this wonderous place, is to truely glimpse an image of the divine. If you find yourself in Asia . . . more


Buenos Aires, Argentina - jimbaffico: 2003-04-10
Tango in Buenos Aires Tango music appeals to me. I’m not sure I really know why; I just like it. I have a basic emotional response to the drama of the music and to the beauty of the melody. I occasionally buy tango recordings and go to see tango . . . more

Occidental Allegro

Papguayo, Costa Rica - michellebishop: 2003-04-04
Yes this hotel is an all inclusive with a nice panoramic view of the gulf of Papaguayo. There is a brand new road and is still under going road construction. The hotel was very comfortable although they didnt give us a remote control and our airconditioner . . . more

Costa Rica continues

Guanacaste, Costa Rica - michellebishop: 2003-04-03
Monte Verde the hike is excellant bring your umbrella, your rain poncho and trash bags for any expensive camara equiptment. When we finally got there after the worst road in the world, I felt like a big overdressed Coloradan with my hiken boots my backpack . . . more

Everything enhanced

San Jose, Costa Rica - michellebishop: 2003-04-02
Costa Rica what a wonderful destination. Coming from a travel agent i have sold and see alot of destinations but this on leaves me with a life changing experience. If you are planning on taking a trip to Costa Rica it is a definate must for all nature love . . . more

Magical Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, USA - michellebishop: 2002-12-09
Everytime I go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado something magical happens. This is a destination not to be missed if you love nature. The park is well known for its elk civiliaztion. I have had close encounters with them while hiking and one tim . . . more

Yucatan Peninsula

Cancun, Mexico - michellebishop: 2002-12-06
Did you know that the best time to go to Cancun is in January and February. This is because the sun is further away from the earth at this time of the year and the rainy season has passed. Less sunburn and less rain. Although there are periodic showers th . . . more


road, ireland - jhixxy: 2002-11-28
i went on a trip with a girl that i met in a club a few nights ago. i new it was love at first site!!! i want to give her a shag the first moment i saw her as well!!! we were doing it twice in the morning and twice in the even. my dick was hurting like any . . . more

Return to London: Forty-Five Years Later

London, UK - Ricardo: 2002-11-24
After disembarking from the train at Paddington Station, and standing firmly on the walkway, I was a bit exhilarated at being back in London once again. Although a bit too warm to suit me, I took it all in stride. It was time to see how much change time . . . more

Hitching a Ride: Hungary to Romania

Biharkeresztes, Hungary - Ricardo: 2002-11-22
Looking up at the sky, I was pleased that there were only a few clouds in sight. A pleasant day is what I needed, and what I had. I found myself at the eastern frontier of Hungary, bordering Romania. My intentions were to reach nearby Oradea, Roman . . . more

A month in China

Mainland China, China - Ken: 2002-10-18
First full day in HK, and "full" might be an understatement. Today, I walked at least 8 miles, rode the Star Ferry (twice), learned the metro system, bought a cheap digital camera (US$120), went to Victoria Peak, rode aboard a sampan, ate dim sum, shopped . . . more

Walking in the White Nights in Russia's Northern City

St.Petersburg and Pushkin, Russia - faddy: 2002-08-25
My friend Katya (whom I first meet online and made friends with), invited me to visit her home city - St.Petersburg - this summer. I arrived there on June 23, 2002. It was very early in the morning, and the sky was cloudy, but very soon everything's change . . . more

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, USA - lynn: 2002-08-20

The first thing I noticed was the silence. The steel railing was on the edge, depth, color and grandeur took my breath away.
I looked down, then straight ahead, ten miles across was the flat north rim of the canyon. T . . . more

Train Travel, London Hotels

London, UK - jimbaffico: 2002-08-17
Train Travel We had decided to take the train to London. I like the travel variety that trains provide, as well as the ride. It’s really very pleasant and relaxed: a great way to see the countryside. Of course, one does have to get on the train fir . . . more

Golf in Scotland

Firth of Clyde and the Firth of Forth, UK - jimbaffico: 2002-08-17
Golf in Scotland My wife and I both grew up playing golf, and in my case a lot of golf. I spent the better part of my younger years in San Francisco hitting countless bags of balls on the “practice course” at Harding Park, playing twenty-five cent . . . more

From Seville to Amsterdam. One man's story.

All Around, Multi-Country - dan: 2000-04-24
After I left my dingy rat hole of an apartment (which was still pretty good, since it was in Andalusia), I got the train to Algeciras. I asked to go to Gibraltar, was given a ticket to Algeciras, caught the train for a few hours and wondered what to do ne . . . more

Don't eat dog with the locals!

Berastagi/Medan, Sumatra - scottie: 2002-04-21
i have done quite a bit of traveling in the last three years primarily in southeast asia and europe. i knew that this trip the trip of all trips, the trek of all treks would be truly adventerous. and it was.

i began my journey to north sumatra via . . . more

road trip akross the usa

road trip, USA - tuna lifjell: 2000-07-04
here you can find information abute a lot of the things in the usa. if you are going a road trip or just going to one or two places.
if you want some information aboute eks. yellostone national park. or Montana.
you can find it here. :) . . . more

Kuwait fun

Kuwait, Kuwait - Joel: 2002-02-10
Population of Kuwait is 2 million but only about 800,000 of that number are Kuwaiti, the rest are expats. There is a American presence in the south of the country, but they keep it low profile.

The local currenty is Kuwaiti Dinar and Fils (1000 f . . . more

Cairo Fun

Cairo, Egypt - Joel: 2002-02-10
Visa's into Cairo are $15 US and you can buy them when you get to the airport at one of the banks.

The pyramids are the best feature as everyone knows, and there are plenty of camels or horses, or you can walk, or drive. Cost was 50 LE (current . . . more

Discover what the red light district is like

Amsterdam, Netherlands - dagashi: 1999-06-22
Jason and I decide that since the authorities in London let us onto the continent without any reservations or plans to stay anywhere, that we won't need to have any reservations when arriving to Amsterdam by bus at 21:30 at night.

So, we get there . . . more

Malana, the strangest village I've ever visited.

Malana, India - dave: 1993-10-07
The trail to Malana was beautiful. Although picturesque, Malana is wierd. You must not touch anything in the village, not even the people. If you touch something, you are fined 1000 rupies. As far as I understand it, this is not a punitive fine. It is . . . more

I am almost home

Highway 1, Canada - dave: 2001-06-26
Lorax donner blitzen
I drove 4000km from Vancovuer to Inuvik, and then flew half an hour north to Tuktoyuktuk. Then I flew back and drove back to Vancouver. I did all of this in a week. Do not do this in a week. This trip desrves one month or more. It was amazing. Drivin . . . more

Island Hopping

Lantau Island, Hong Kong - billthepainter: 2001-01-01
Woke up last night to the overwhelming scent of urine. I think it's in the bed... There are little cockroaches in my little bathroom. One was on my arm this morning. I flung myself out of the shower and did a little panic dance, brushing at mysel . . . more

Friendly Giant

Toronto, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-08-01

Only Canadians will be exited about this one, but I got a thumbs up picture of the actual Friendly Giant castle. . . . more

This town is crap!

Real de Catorce, Mexico - anonymous: 2001-05-14
The Lonely Planet:Mexico guide said that Real De Catorce was a town with a touch of magic. Set high atop the fringes of the sierra madre oriental, blah, blah, blah.

I was looking for a place to move to, to practice my Spanish and relax and . . . more

Cold Balls and Waterfalls

Yosemite, USA - Ben: 2001-05-05
Cold Balls and Waterfalls
By Ben Divall

This is a warning to all of you that have felt compelled to swim bare arsed in some piece of private paradise that you convinced yourself you discovered. . . . more

Shinanigans in Mexico

Mazatlan, Los Mochis, Creel, Mexico - creelmochis: 2000-05-20
**** there are some good stories in here regarding travel in mexico, particularily in the Western and north-central areas. it is definatley worth a skim over.*****


This isn't a tale of epic proportions, or of a life-changing jou . . . more

Isla Chiloe, Lakes and Volcanoes

Chiloe, Chile - CarolynandOllie: 2001-02-27

It has been a while, but we have been busy wandering around the Lakes district of Chile. We took a trip down to the Island of Chiloe to hike through some coastal rainforest along some sandy beaches, and taste some (really!) fresh shel . . . more

El Camino Austral, Chile

Cochrane, Chile - CarolynandOllie: 2001-02-03

We are about in the middle of Patagonia -in Coyhaique now. A little warmer,
a little rainier; summer here, but about the same as a Vancouver winter.
But it is a bad summer, we hear.

When the weather is nice, it is a gre . . . more

Land of Fire

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina - CarolynandOllie: 2001-01-21
Buen Dia!

We just returned from Tierra del Fuego, and our first visit to Argentina.
It wasnt as outrageously expensive as we had been led to belive. Probably
partly because the southernly city of Ushuaia is entirely a duty-free zone . . . more

Pictures! ...from Patagonia

Punta Arenas, Chile - CarolynandOllie: 2001-01-12
Hello from the southern tip of Patagonia (almost)!

Having flown in to Punto Arenas from Santiago, we took a bus north into the
vicinity of the Torres del Paine park. We hiked for seven days in the park,
and while at times the route was . . . more

saying goodbye to a trusted travel mate

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico - susan: 2001-01-13
Today, I buried my closest friend in front of a church in San Cristobal de las Casas. Although she was only three, she had lived a full and meaningful life. I will miss her.

Three years ago, I was wandering around aimlessly in the south of Mexic . . . more

Xmas in the Jungle, New Years by the sea

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia - CarolynandOllie: 2001-01-01
Happy Year 2001!

Apparently the real beginning of the new millenium!

We have travelled some distance in the last two weeks. From La Paz, we headed north to Rurrenabaque, which is on the edge of the rainforest in Bolivia. It was a horr . . . more

Lake titicaca

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia - CarolynandOllie: 2000-12-09
Hi again,

It has been 2 weeks since leaving Cusco. We headed upwards to Lake Titicaca and rounded it via Puno, then to Copacabana. We experienced a windstorm in the very scary looking town of Juliaca and we frightened of what the following lands . . . more

Feliz Navidad!

La Paz, Bolivia - CarolynandOllie: 2000-12-17
Merry Christmas to everybody.

We likely wont be on e-mail until after the holidays, and would like to wish everyone happy times over that special season of the year! Dont drink too much, eat too much, or get lost in the snow (for those lucky . . . more

Machu Pichu (must be done of course)

Inca Trail and Machu Pichu, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-11-23
Hello again,

We arrived in Cusco around Nov. 10th. If we thought that any other place in Peru is touristy, Cusco has them all beat. Of course, the fact that you are constantly falling over people who want to sell you sweaters, paintings, postcar . . . more

The Colca we will go...

Colca Canyon, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-11-09
Were back from our trek to the Colca Canyon. The van ride to the canyon was great. We saw many Llamas, alpacas, and vecuas grazing at the side of the road...not quite sure what they were eating (cacti, moss?). The volcanoes were huge, many over 6000 m . . . more

Mucha Espaola

Arequipa, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-10-28

Its been a week of spanish classes. Hay mucho mejoramiento (we no longer look like deer facing headlights when spoken to). Really, the classes have been quite good. However, one of the professors likes to chat with us more than practice . . . more

Spanish classes and ""el misti""

Arequipa, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-10-21
Como Estan?

Hi, We are comfortably in Arequipa now, and have been for the past three days. This is apparently the city"del sol", however the vancouver weather has been haunting us, and there has been an unprecedented (for this time of year) 5 . . . more

We're almost ready to go.

Almost there...., Canada - CarolynandOllie: 2000-10-11
Well, we're almost ready to go. We just spent a couple of hours at MEC buying last minute items (sleeping bag, etc). We had lunch at Habibi's on Broadway. MMMMmmmmmmm....Yum Yum.
I "special ordered" a book at Chapter's on Peru and Bolivia. To my su . . . more

Ahhh, Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany - Ulrica: 2000-09-20
Oktoberfest was FANTASTIC!!! The beer, the sausages, the sauerkraut, the beer, the really big pretzels, the beer, the rides . . . it was all just super. Today we have gone through 4 countries: Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. It has raine . . . more

I cant believe there is only 1 week to go!

All Around, Multi-Country - Ulrica: 2000-09-19
Good morning all from beautiful Innsbruck.

I havent used the Internet in 3 days and it feels so strange. The keyboard is also pretty weird so bear with me. I believe I last left off on the French Riviera, where life was fantastic. I will def . . . more

It was Sept. 14th . . .

Monaco, Italy - Ulrica: 2000-09-16
It was September 14th 1982 when Princess Grace and her daughter Princess Stephanie were in their car having a "Mother and Daughter" chat, when Grace suffered a stroke and plummeted off the road known as the Grand Corniche. It was September 14th 2000 when . . . more

So far so good!

Paris and Barcelona, Spain - Ulrica: 2000-09-12
Paris, what can I say . . . it was phenomenal. I will have to go back one day! I went to the Louvre and saw many great things. They say if you would see everything on display in the Louvre it would take you 9 months of continual walking! The Eiffel Tow . . . more

Well, I finally made it!

London, UK - Ulrica: 2000-09-07
Well, I made it to London in one piece. The flight was really great. It was on time, the meal was great (can you believe it, airplane food and the word "great" used in the same sentence)! The only problem was that there were 4 medical emergencies on our . . . more

This story is for my Mom.

North Vancouver, Canada - Ulrica: 2000-09-05
This story is for my Mom. She has been the very patient pupil in a crash course on how to get onto the Internet to read these fancy fangled Journeyfile entries of mine. We don't have a computer at home so we have been to the Library twice now in the past . . . more

Only 12 more days and counting!

North Vancouver, Canada - Ulrica: 2000-08-25
Only 12 more days to go until I leave on my trip. Most people would be excited by now, but not me. I'm one of those people that holds my sh*t together about travelling . . . until I actually have to let go of my suitcase and check it in at the airport! . . . more

Kayaks, Bungies, and Fishing

Dunedin, New Zealand - mark: 1998-03-02
Hello everyone, just a quick update on what I've been up to... oh yeah I'm still alive.

I am writing this note from the public library in Dunedin in the south

of New Zealand. Soon (March 11) I will be flying to Melbourne to start my Aust . . . more

I said good-bye to New Zealand

Melbourne, Australia - mark: 1998-03-12
Hello everyone, I said good-bye to New Zealand and have just spent the last few days in Melbourne.

Before arriving in Australia, I rode my motorcycle back up north to Auckland after surviving a horrible small plane ride from the South island to No . . . more

The Coliseum

Rome, Italy - thumbsup: 1990-06-15
The third photo in the collection. The guest thumb in this one is Jeff. I met Jeff along with Mike on a boat from a port near Olympia on its way to Brendisi. Jeff, Mike, and I travelled together for about two weeks. We went from Italy to Austria, were hone . . . more

The Acropolis

Athens, Greece - thumbsup: 1990-06-10
This is the second photo in the collection. Pete, Mark, and I went to Greece and toured the islands for a month after leaving England. We went through Crete and took the famed (and over-crowded sumaria gorge hike). Next was Santorini (Thera), were we met a . . . more

We made it back to the ol' US of A!

All Around, Multi-Country - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-18
Well, we tried to get bumped from our flight so we could stay in France for a while longer but it didn't work. That's OK we had to get home to pay those bills that were surely going to be arriving in the mailbox soon.

If you couldn't already tell . . . more

Visiting the Anckaerts

Charleroi/Brussels/Waterloo, Belgium - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-13

Ahhh... first off, the keyboard is very different here from our American keyboard. But here we go...
We stopped in Koln for a few hours to walk through the huge cathedral; it is very black on the outside but massive on the inside. We had a . . . more


Belgium, Belgium - unknown: 2000-05-13
Ahhh... first off, the keyboard is very different here from our American keyboard. But here we go...

We stopped in Koln for a few hours to walk through the huge cathedral; it is very black on the outside but massive on the inside. We had a nice . . . more

Visiting the Anckaerts

Charleroi/Brussels/Waterloo, Belgium - unknown: 2000-05-13
Ahhh... first off, the keyboard is very different here from our American keyboard. But here we go...

We stopped in Koln for a few hours to walk through the huge cathedral; it is very black on the outside but massive on the inside. We had a nice . . . more

Salzburg to Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-10
Salzburg was awesome. Kim convinced me to take a "sound of music" tour of the city and surrounding areas. No big deal I thought to myself....uhhh yeah....well, it turns out the entire tour was "and this is where Maria and the children hung from the trees, . . . more

A warm day in Austria

Salzburg, Austria - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-09
We enjoyed the chat with the Mantzs the other day in Venice. It was great to talk for so long for so little. We had hoped to have another chat now but the system is cooperating so the update will have to do for now. Hope more of you can join us later fo . . . more


Venezia, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-07
Here is my debut on the story side of this trip! Well, after a great time in Florence, we took a nice morning train to Venice. A nice in-flight service served us Coke and cookies. Nice for a change to be on a clean train here in Italy. Normally they throw . . . more


Rome and Florence, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-05
We spent the day doing not much of anything, which was great considering that we did Rome in a day the day before. We had a delightful day wondering the streets near the Vatican and then the evening in Piazza Navona, a central hangout with fountains and l . . . more


Roma, Italia, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-04
After writing from a harbor-side cafe we went up to Monte Carlo, where the casino is on the hill over Monaco city. After many days of walking and walking with or without our packs we got tired and finally it hit us. We were both tired and grumpy but luck . . . more

We've come along way!

Amboise, Carcassonne, Nice, Monaco, Monaco - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-02
We got to Amboise and Ben fell in love with the sleepy little town. Once again we were the first to arrive at the Chateau, which is so great because the town isn't all hustle-bustle yet. The Chateau d' Amboise is perched on the hill overlooking the Loire . . . more

8 hours to go!...

Provo, Utah, USA - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-04-27
We leave in 8 hours. Jay is nice enough to take us to the airport! Mom and Dad Mantz are dogsitting for the next month or so. We miss Sadie already though. We did get a buyer for the house so it is easier to leave knowing that it is all set.
We hav . . . more


Bhuntar, India - dave: 1993-10-03

Spent all day yesturday on the bus. Got to Bhuntar. Night there, morning, bus to Jari. From Jari I plan to trek (my first trek in the Himalaya. Woohoo!) to Malana.

They have wonderful ways of spelling things here:

Scrumbled eggs < . . . more

Monkeys and traffic

Simla, India - dave: 1993-10-01

The bus let me off in Simla.

Simla is a lot like a Swiss mountain village, except for all the monkeys. It is up in the mountains and surrounded by evergreen trees, lind of like home (Vancouver, Canada), and the best part is that it is NOT HO . . . more

Child beggars, flies, and New Delhi

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-19

I stepped out of the hotel this morning, and my senses were assaulted by so many sights, sounds, and smells. It is virtually indescribable, at least beyond my powers of description.

Beggars follow you for blocks. Children hold up fingerless . . . more

They say you will never forget your first night in India.

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-18

I met two fellow Vancouverites in line for the airport money exchange, Mark and Ian. They were meeting their friend Nadine, who has been in India for four months now. They invited my to follow them. She led us to a bus.

The bus took off . . . more

Now I had a broken tooth and a broken motorcycle.

Katmandu Highway, Nepal - dave: 1993-11-09
So I got on my motorcycle early and headed off to Katmandu in search of a dentist. A tooth broken in half should have been extremely painful, but my tooth wasn't sore, due, I believe, to a root canal years earlier. What complicated things was that I coul . . . more

My tooth broke

Kathmandu Highway, Nepal - dave: 1993-11-07

After my two week hike in the Himalayas, I was almost back to the Gurungs home, where much of my stuff and my motorcycle was. The bus stopped long enough for me to race out and buy some nuts and various unidentifiable Nepalese nibbly bits.

I . . . more

Plan Update #5 (J): South America

Krakow, Poland - theplan: 1999-06-22
Jonathan Travel Update # 5--The Rest of South America

OK, finally. I'm back! No I haven't plummeted to my death from the
world's highest bungee jump, been trampled by hippopotami, been
indefinitely detained by Israeli security forces, cur . . . more

My first bus ride in India

North from Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-30
I decided to go north before it got too cold, and then maybe swing around India clockwise.

I headed north out of New Delhi on a train. It was my first train ride in India. I rode second class. It was just fine.

I was going north to a . . . more

waiting for tom

San Francisco, USA - frippet: 1999-07-01
the guy next to me in the line for tom waits tickets was a vietnam vet, apparently a homeless vietnam vet - he was covered in grime, his teeth were brown and sparse, and he had a vague odour. when i first got in line i thought he was just some crazy guy ha . . . more

My journey through Andalucia, Spain and Tangier

All Around, Multi-Country - elpasha: 1999-06-01
This is my personal journal of my experiences in Spain.

In March of 1999 I traveled to Europe where I visited Spain & Morocco to see the land of my Sephardic ancestors. I visited Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, the Costa Del Sol, Gibraltar, T . . . more

Beautiful and tasty Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - azukerman: 1999-06-26
I arrived to Kyrgyzstan in August when the great weather is just crawling in to stay for a period of about three months.
I actually arrived to Ala-Mata Kazakstan with LH from Frankfurt and then by car for about four hours arrived to Bishkek, Kyrgizstan . . . more

Pa - se - por - tay!

Havana, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-20

Dark night, central Havana. "Pa - se - por - tay" calls out the policeman. "Fuck" I say to myself. I don't have my passport with me.
I hand my drivers licence to the officer. "Columbia!?" he says. "No, British Columbia" I said, but the differ . . . more

Plan Update #4 (Bryan Version)

La Paz, Bolivia - theplan: 1999-02-01
Hello all and greetings from Bolivia--

There may be a bit of redundency here, since Jonathan may also be
sending along an update of his own--but since we had a bit of time
(as well as having different experiences together), I t . . . more

Travel Update #4 (Bryan Version)

La Paz, Bolivia - theplan: 1999-02-08
Hello all and greetings from Bolivia--

There may be a bit of redundency here, since Jonathan may also be
sending along an update of his own--but since we had a bit of time
(as well as having different experiences together), I t . . . more

Pick pocketed

Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-02-15
The concert had just ended and the street was still packed with people throwing confetti on each other and engaging in water fights.
We decided to go east down Via Espania and got about 200 metres of the main stage when the three of us were attacked. < . . . more

Plan Update #4 (Jonathan Version)

La Paz, Bolivia - theplan: 1999-02-09
Disclaimer: This update is from Jonathan; you might also receive one
from Bryan. You are under no obligation to read both.
Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia! The journey continues....
First, an update on our inquiry into the most pressing of al . . . more

Welcome to Bali?

Ubud, Bali - mark: 1998-04-27
On the flight from Perth to Bali, we hit some turbulence that must have set records. The flight attendant on board told me she had never seen it that bad in 5 years! The cause was the heat rising from farmlands in the north of Australia and as soon as we . . . more

Mark in Malaysia

Cherating, Malaysia - mark: 1998-05-13
Well, I think most of you heard about the lovely round of flu I caught in Tioman Island in the South of Malaysia which laid me up for around 1 week. Quite a scary flu in which I had a temperature for about 2 days and had to resort to ice to get it down to . . . more

Mark in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand - mark: 1998-06-02
I've just spent the last few weeks in the islands of Ko Tao and Ko Samui. Did some great dives in Ko Tao where the visibility was amazing (under water that is). I spent a week hanging out with a Swedish guy and another guy from Holland. The guy from Swe . . . more

I found all the Americans

San Jose, Costa Rica - dave: 1999-01-22
While travelling south from Mexico, right down to Nicaragua, I was wondering why there weren't more Americans. Now, I know everyone who lives here is technically American, but since US citizens have more or less taken the word for themselves, and United S . . . more


Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-01-30
The Scottish guy suggested we go for a beer, so we walked around looking for a restaurant or bar. The particular area of Panama City we are in is called San Felipe, and is not the nicest part of town, in fact, you might say it's the worst part of town. B . . . more

Plan Update #3

Quito, Ecuador - theplan: 1999-01-25
Hello everyone.....

I know it has been quite some time since we have last written, so you
are all probably wondering if the two gringos were killed by angry
gunmen in the mountains of Guatemala. No, you may all breathe a
collective si . . . more

Plan Update #2

Oaxaca, Mexico - theplan: 1998-11-06
Well, it has been about a week since our last travel update, and given
the unreliablity of my hotmail access and internet cafes, I thought
we would write while we had the chance to do so.

We are in Oaxaca (pronounced wo-hak-a, . . . more

Plan Update #1

Zacatecas, Mexico - theplan: 1998-11-30
Hello from Mexico. For those of you who made it to the Bon Voyage
party, thanks for coming. For those of you who werent there, you
missed out.

And for those of you who are keeping track, well bring you up to date
on our journey:
. . . more

Cambodia Trip report - An overview

overview, Cambodia - Andy: 1998-03-02
Touched by the film, The Killing Fields, the country's turbulent and violent past and the incredible stories of the survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide, I've recently returned from my fourth visit to Cambodia in as many years, spending a week apiece in S . . . more

Sunrise Over Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Andy: 1998-03-01
Watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat is a virtual prerequisite of any visit to Siem Reap and the Angkor temple complex nearby and mine was no different. It was my first full day of exploration on this trip and my guide, Soydy, was waiting for me outside th . . . more

American money

border, Nicaragua - dave: 1999-01-17
The man vomited on the bus floor. At once I felt angry at him and sorry that probably everyone on the bus now hated him. Oh well, we were at the Honduras/Nicaragua border anyways; time to get off the bus. A man came on the bus and took all of our passpo . . . more

a small engine fire and some flooding??

Sydney, Australia - natasha: 1998-12-31
On the road again. Today was my last day with the Edwards. It is time to get travelling again and plans have been made. A travelling companion, Kristal (also from Langley), and I have booked a ferry to Tasmania Jan 11. Meanwhile we'll bus to Canberra J . . . more

To be a Nanny/Groom in Arcadia

Arcadia, Australia - natasha: 1998-11-12
I took the train out to hornsby (45 min north of Sydney) I was picked up by Kate is a brand new four door landcruiser and taken on a few errands before I was taken to her home in Arcadia. I am now a full time live in nanny to 5 children and I also look . . . more

The bartenser had never heard of Clamato.

Sydney, Australia - natasha: 1998-10-28
Today the whole group had an orientation session. We were told about accomodation, travelling and work, the usual sales pitch. Which by the way, provided me with enough information to consider changing my plan of travel. I now plan to head south to Melb . . . more

I saw what looked like a shark fin ahead of us

Sydney, Australia - natasha: 1999-01-01
We're still in the harbour this a.m. Perhaps I made it sound like a peaceful night sleeping out on the boat, but I don't think I mentioned the mossies. They are every where and always worse in the evenings.
We sailed out to Manly, which was roughly a . . . more

It almost makes it pointless to shower...

Canberra, Australia - natasha: 1999-01-05
Kristal and I caught a bus to Canberra via Murray Bus Co. It was a AUS$ 19, 4 hour ride. Canberra is Australia's capital. It is not a very big city, and has too many grey buildings. We stayed at Victor Lodge. It is by far the best hostel that I've sta . . . more

a small white package being exchanged for some money!?!?

Melbourne, Australia - natasha: 1999-01-07
Kristal and I arrived at 6:30 am. It was cold and raining. We managed to find a tram that was going towards the hostel we were to stay at. The Enfield in St. Kilda. We were tired and grumpy. The hostel was a bit run down and the office was dark with s . . . more

Place of the Dead

Zipolite, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-09
The name Zipolite means (so I've been told) place of the dead. It's a beach paradise, but the water is extremely dangerous. According to the grape vine, a woman was killed the week before I got there.
As a side note, this seems to be a pattern now; . . . more

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-14
I decided to learn to surf in Puerto Escondido, the premier surf destination on the west coast of North America.
A word of advice: Don't learn to surf in the premier surf destination on the west coast of North America.
This means BIG wave . . . more

Dualing Christians

Guadalajara, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-28
The main square of Guadalajara gets pretty active on a Saturday night. In one corner there was a band playing at full volume, and right next to it a woman playing guitar and singing into an amplification system that rivaled the band. The woman's largest . . . more


Titojacan, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-03
Half way up the third largest pyramid in the world (the second is two hours, by bus, from here, and the largest is, of coarse, in Egypt) we got accosted by dozens of high school kids. Then the photos began. It took about 20 mintues, but they all needed a . . . more

Why is this clown hugging me?

Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-04

The clown was hugging me. "How did I get into this?" I asked myself. It was really a clown, and he was really hugging me, in front of an audience of children, in the middle of one of Mexico City's parks.
I'm getting used to the bizzare. I'm als . . . more

Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-02
Okay, I'll admit it. I was a little aprehensive about coming to Mexico City. Easily the people that I've talked to, who've been here have been pick pocketed, or hassled in some way.
I expected a very dirty, dark, dangerous place with questionable c . . . more


Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-05
It's inevitable. It was going to well. I was too healthy for too long. I knew I was getting a little too daring with the street food. Actually, this doesn't feel like food poisoning. I think it's some kind of flu complicated with the thick polution h . . . more

I pooshed de button, and dropped my cookies.

Tiajuana to La Paz, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-17
"Blah blah blah blah" said this guy in military uniform. At least that is what is sounded like to me. I don't speak Spanish. So, I said the only Spanish words I know: "No Hablo Espaniol." He responed to me with "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bl . . . more

Good place to see crockodiles and swim.

San Blas, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-25
The guide book said it was a good place to see crockodiles, and don't forget your swim shorts!?!?
Turns out, it's true. I went on a three hour tour, a three hour tour. The weather was as sunny as ever, and beat down on my unSPFed neck, as we rode a b . . . more

The dolphin was drunk

La Paz to Mazatlan, Mexico, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-23
The dolphin was drunk. It was wearing a silly hat, and just looking not looking totally sober. The dolphin was the logo of the cheezy night club aboard the boat and it was on the shirts of the wait staff. You see, the boat from La Paz to Mazatlan had . . . more


San Louis Obispo, USA - dave: 1998-11-14
"US customs and Immigration" yelled the man in the uniform, whom borded our bus at it's Saint Louis Obispo Greyhound station. "Anyone that is not an American citizen is required to show identification!".
For a brief moment, I was, well..., apprehens . . . more

If you are going to San Francisco...

San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-13
A few fellow travellers and I were walking across the Golden Gate bridge with flowers in our hair (hey, it was San Francisco) taking in the scenery. Leigh was leaning over the railing a little to far. This gave the flower in her hair the opportunity to c . . . more


San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-11
I was walking up a hill in Golden Gate park, and came across a small crowd in a clearing. They were all watching the sun, which was about to set. I'm not about to describe the beauty of the sunset. It is perhaps sufice to say that this impromptu gather . . . more

The Green Tortiose

Seattle to San Fransisco, Canada - dave: 1998-11-09
You know the feeling you get when your in someone's living room going down the highway at a mile a minute? That's kind of what the Green Tortoise is like. It's an old bus that is converted into a giant moving be . . . more

The Port Angeles Tourist Office

Post Angeles, USA - dave: 1998-11-06

It was quite possibly the smallest digital watch I'd ever seen strapped to the arm of a nearly blind, and seemingly senile, tourist office lady. I had to tell her that I was going to Seattle 3 times, but she insisted that I was going the same place t . . . more

$54 for a foot passenger?

Victoria, Canada - dave: 1998-11-04
My plan was to take the Victoria-Seattle ferry. It turns out the ferry costs $54 USD for a foot passenger on this 2 hour trip.

The tourist office in downtown Victoria suggested I go via Vancouver, but I just came from Vancouver, and that would d . . . more

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