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I caught the pick pocket.

Madrid, Barcelona, Spain - jimbaffico: 2004-06-21
Madrid June 3rd, we arrive in Madrid and find the splendid Hotel Real awaiting us. Joey had wired ahead and arranged a fine bottle of champagne and fruit plate in celebration of our 37th wedding anniversary. And a surprise note for me: I can’t reve . . . more

#8 - Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Ethiopia - wanderlust: 2004-01-27
Travelers learn not just foreign customs and curious cuisines and unfamiliar beliefs and novel forms of government. They learn, if they are lucky, humility. Experiencing on their sense a world different from their own, they realize their provincialism and . . . more

Golf in Scotland

Firth of Clyde and the Firth of Forth, UK - jimbaffico: 2002-08-17
Golf in Scotland My wife and I both grew up playing golf, and in my case a lot of golf. I spent the better part of my younger years in San Francisco hitting countless bags of balls on the “practice course” at Harding Park, playing twenty-five cent . . . more


Roma, Italia, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-04
After writing from a harbor-side cafe we went up to Monte Carlo, where the casino is on the hill over Monaco city. After many days of walking and walking with or without our packs we got tired and finally it hit us. We were both tired and grumpy but luck . . . more

Plan Update #5 (J): South America

Krakow, Poland - theplan: 1999-06-22
Jonathan Travel Update # 5--The Rest of South America

OK, finally. I'm back! No I haven't plummeted to my death from the
world's highest bungee jump, been trampled by hippopotami, been
indefinitely detained by Israeli security forces, cur . . . more

My journey through Andalucia, Spain and Tangier

All Around, Multi-Country - elpasha: 1999-06-01
This is my personal journal of my experiences in Spain.

In March of 1999 I traveled to Europe where I visited Spain & Morocco to see the land of my Sephardic ancestors. I visited Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, the Costa Del Sol, Gibraltar, T . . . more

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