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Beautiful Hawar

Island, Bahrain - vishal: 2004-06-17
Hi! This is not written in a Story/Narrative format. I recorded this in an email to one of my friend in Delhi. Visit this beautiful country, and this place HAWAR in particular.


My dear friend,

Hello! I hope every . . . more


Buenos Aires, Argentina - jimbaffico: 2003-04-10
Tango in Buenos Aires Tango music appeals to me. I’m not sure I really know why; I just like it. I have a basic emotional response to the drama of the music and to the beauty of the melody. I occasionally buy tango recordings and go to see tango . . . more


Roma, Italia, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-04
After writing from a harbor-side cafe we went up to Monte Carlo, where the casino is on the hill over Monaco city. After many days of walking and walking with or without our packs we got tired and finally it hit us. We were both tired and grumpy but luck . . . more

My journey through Andalucia, Spain and Tangier

All Around, Multi-Country - elpasha: 1999-06-01
This is my personal journal of my experiences in Spain.

In March of 1999 I traveled to Europe where I visited Spain & Morocco to see the land of my Sephardic ancestors. I visited Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, the Costa Del Sol, Gibraltar, T . . . more


Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-01-30
The Scottish guy suggested we go for a beer, so we walked around looking for a restaurant or bar. The particular area of Panama City we are in is called San Felipe, and is not the nicest part of town, in fact, you might say it's the worst part of town. B . . . more

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