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Friendly Giant

Toronto, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-08-01

Only Canadians will be exited about this one, but I got a thumbs up picture of the actual Friendly Giant castle. . . . more

Maple Leaf Gardens

Toronto, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-08-01
Maple Leaf Gardens . . . more

CN Tower

Toronto, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-08-01
The CN Tower . . . more

The Big Apple

Somewhere on the 401, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-07-30
The Big Apple. . . . more

S.S. Klondike

Whitehorse, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-06-20
S.S. Klondike
S.S. Klondike.

. . . more

Taj Mahal

Agra, India - thumbsup: 1993-03-06
This is the only thumbs up photo I took during my trip to India. I travelled in India for about 6 months. The guest thumb was a stander by, who really didn't understand what the heck I was doing (as many people don't understand this, wierd huh?). I thought . . . more

Opera House

Sydney, Australia - thumbsup: 1992-08-17
The sixth photo in the collection. This photo was taken by my sister in Australia. . . . more

The Eiffel Tower

Paris, France - thumbsup: 1990-06-23
This is the fifth photo in the collection. Jeff was in Paris to pick up his brother Pete (not the Pete from Buckinham and Acropolis). The guest thumbs in this one are Jeff and Pete. I went with them on a trek to Portugal, and the closer we got to Portugal . . . more

L'arc de Triomphe

Paris, France - thumbsup: 1990-06-22
This is the fourth photo in the collection. The guest thumb in this one is Jeff again. Jeff and I then found each other again at Cinnamon and Lavender's place in Paris about a week later . . . more

The Coliseum

Rome, Italy - thumbsup: 1990-06-15
The third photo in the collection. The guest thumb in this one is Jeff. I met Jeff along with Mike on a boat from a port near Olympia on its way to Brendisi. Jeff, Mike, and I travelled together for about two weeks. We went from Italy to Austria, were hone . . . more

The Acropolis

Athens, Greece - thumbsup: 1990-06-10
This is the second photo in the collection. Pete, Mark, and I went to Greece and toured the islands for a month after leaving England. We went through Crete and took the famed (and over-crowded sumaria gorge hike). Next was Santorini (Thera), were we met a . . . more

Buckingham Palace

London, UK - thumbsup: 1990-04-15
This is where the idea came from. The thumb on the left is my friend Pete. The one on the right is mine, as is the case in all of the thumbs up that I've taken. The idea came from Pete only a moment before this one was taken. I then took this idea througho . . . more

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