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Alarm Fly

Dahab, Egypt - dave: 2005-04-05
I have an alarm fly. This elusive instrument decides on it's own accord to wake me up at 6am every morning. All though it is really tiny and quiet, it achieves it's goal by flying just above my head, circling my ear. Then it flies to the other side of . . . more

Egyptian Ringtones

Dahab, Egypt - dave: 2005-04-05
Egyptians are connected. There are so many cell phones ringing all the time here. Everyone has one. The thing that is a little unusual, is that when a cell phone rings, the owner does not immediately answer it. He will take it out of his pocket, and h . . . more

I am almost home

Highway 1, Canada - dave: 2001-06-26
Lorax donner blitzen
I drove 4000km from Vancovuer to Inuvik, and then flew half an hour north to Tuktoyuktuk. Then I flew back and drove back to Vancouver. I did all of this in a week. Do not do this in a week. This trip desrves one month or more. It was amazing. Drivin . . . more

Made it to the end of the Dempster

Inuvik, Canada - dave: 2001-06-21
I finally made it to Inuvik. It is the longest day of the year, but much to my dismay, they have postponed solstace celebrations until tomorrow. However, today is, of coarse, aboriginal day, and I found myself in the middle of a public BBQ. MMmmmmmmmm. . . . more

Grizzly Bear

Yukon, Canada - dave: 2001-06-19

I saw a Grizzly Bear as I drove up the Alaska Hwy, but then she ran away. . . . more

Yukon Border

Yukon Border, Canada - dave: 2001-06-19
I got as far as the Yukon border. . . . more

Highway 99, north of Whistler

Highway 99, Canada - dave: 2001-06-18

Highway 99, north of Whistler - the famous Pemberton/Lillooet highway is really worth the drive, it is one of the most beautful highways I have travelled.
. . . more

mmMMMMmmmmm chocolate train tracks

Hershey Electric Railway, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-21
The Hershey chocolate people built a railway in the early 1900s to carry sugar cane and cocoa beans to factories.
There is actually a town in Cuba called Hershey.
The train is very slow. . . . more

Pa - se - por - tay!

Havana, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-20

Dark night, central Havana. "Pa - se - por - tay" calls out the policeman. "Fuck" I say to myself. I don't have my passport with me.
I hand my drivers licence to the officer. "Columbia!?" he says. "No, British Columbia" I said, but the differ . . . more

I fell off the bus.

Havana, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-19
Most passenger busses in Cuba are these trailers called "camels" for their shape. They are pulled by those freight truck rig thingys.
I tried to get on one but the doors shut on me. Those doors shut so violently, that I was thrown backwards to the gr . . . more


Havana, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-18

I wondered into a church in Havana, just a small church, but I nice one. There was a man there, who said "come come", indicating I should follow him. We went down some stairs into this crypty kind of place where there was a wall with shelf like hole . . . more

Every cow has a white bird.

Countryside, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-17
Maybe I've just never noticed it before. Maybe this is true elsewhere in the world as well. It seems, that in Cuba, every cow has a white bird standing near it's feet (hoofs).
. . . more

He told me he could fly a 737...

Costa Rican airspace, Costa Rica - dave: 1999-03-15
I was waiting for my flight in the airport. I asked a man the time. He told me the time and that he was the pilot. So we began talking, and I asked if I could see the cockpit while we were airborn.
I then noticed he was reading some kind of instructi . . . more

Pick pocketed

Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-02-15
The concert had just ended and the street was still packed with people throwing confetti on each other and engaging in water fights.
We decided to go east down Via Espania and got about 200 metres of the main stage when the three of us were attacked. < . . . more

How to secretly communicate while in prison

Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-02-07
The radio on my walkman stopped working. This situation was rectified when a fellow traveller dropped it on the ground. Now the radio works, but the tape player is broken. It makes me think maybe I should drop it again.
I am not writting this to lam . . . more


Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-01-30
The Scottish guy suggested we go for a beer, so we walked around looking for a restaurant or bar. The particular area of Panama City we are in is called San Felipe, and is not the nicest part of town, in fact, you might say it's the worst part of town. B . . . more

I found all the Americans

San Jose, Costa Rica - dave: 1999-01-22
While travelling south from Mexico, right down to Nicaragua, I was wondering why there weren't more Americans. Now, I know everyone who lives here is technically American, but since US citizens have more or less taken the word for themselves, and United S . . . more

American money

border, Nicaragua - dave: 1999-01-17
The man vomited on the bus floor. At once I felt angry at him and sorry that probably everyone on the bus now hated him. Oh well, we were at the Honduras/Nicaragua border anyways; time to get off the bus. A man came on the bus and took all of our passpo . . . more


Antigua, Guatemala - dave: 1999-01-07
The sign on the side of the sauna gave clear cartoon instructions: 10 minute sauna, cold shower, 10 minute sauna, cold shower, 10 minute sauna, massage, 10 minute sauna, shower, nuevo hombre (new man).
Well, I wanted to be a nuevo hombre, so I layed my . . . more


Puerto Escondido, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-18
The man was carrying what appeared to be a quarter scale model of a donkey above his head. This crude wooden donkey-like (perhaps it was a bull) thing had fireworks attached to it, that were violently exploding, and flying off in all directions.
Th . . . more

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-14
I decided to learn to surf in Puerto Escondido, the premier surf destination on the west coast of North America.
A word of advice: Don't learn to surf in the premier surf destination on the west coast of North America.
This means BIG wave . . . more

Place of the Dead

Zipolite, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-09
The name Zipolite means (so I've been told) place of the dead. It's a beach paradise, but the water is extremely dangerous. According to the grape vine, a woman was killed the week before I got there.
As a side note, this seems to be a pattern now; . . . more


Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-05
It's inevitable. It was going to well. I was too healthy for too long. I knew I was getting a little too daring with the street food. Actually, this doesn't feel like food poisoning. I think it's some kind of flu complicated with the thick polution h . . . more

Why is this clown hugging me?

Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-04

The clown was hugging me. "How did I get into this?" I asked myself. It was really a clown, and he was really hugging me, in front of an audience of children, in the middle of one of Mexico City's parks.
I'm getting used to the bizzare. I'm als . . . more


Titojacan, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-03
Half way up the third largest pyramid in the world (the second is two hours, by bus, from here, and the largest is, of coarse, in Egypt) we got accosted by dozens of high school kids. Then the photos began. It took about 20 mintues, but they all needed a . . . more

Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-02
Okay, I'll admit it. I was a little aprehensive about coming to Mexico City. Easily the people that I've talked to, who've been here have been pick pocketed, or hassled in some way.
I expected a very dirty, dark, dangerous place with questionable c . . . more


Near Angangueo, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-01
They come from all over North America. Many fly from as far as Canada, here, to a small grove of trees, not far from a town called Angangueo. It's amazing when you thing about it. I'm talking, of coarse, about the tourists who have come to see the monar . . . more

Bob Dylan and Hitler?

Morelia, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-29

I can't speak German, and my Spanish vocabulary is about 12 words so far. So, when I see a guy yelling that cetain way, into a microphone, to a pacard toting crowd, I am reminded of those pictures that always show of Hitler. Now, the party he was ru . . . more

Dualing Christians

Guadalajara, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-28
The main square of Guadalajara gets pretty active on a Saturday night. In one corner there was a band playing at full volume, and right next to it a woman playing guitar and singing into an amplification system that rivaled the band. The woman's largest . . . more

Push starting the bus

road, ireland - dave: 1998-11-26

Push starting the bus.
. . . more

Good place to see crockodiles and swim.

San Blas, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-25
The guide book said it was a good place to see crockodiles, and don't forget your swim shorts!?!?
Turns out, it's true. I went on a three hour tour, a three hour tour. The weather was as sunny as ever, and beat down on my unSPFed neck, as we rode a b . . . more

TV, extra

Tepic, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-24
There isn't much to see in Tepic, Mexico. It's more of a stop over between places. At least it was for us. The Hotel Tepic is right next to the bus station and cheap. However, we went really cheap. We said 'no' to the TV. A TV in your room costs extr . . . more

The dolphin was drunk

La Paz to Mazatlan, Mexico, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-23
The dolphin was drunk. It was wearing a silly hat, and just looking not looking totally sober. The dolphin was the logo of the cheezy night club aboard the boat and it was on the shirts of the wait staff. You see, the boat from La Paz to Mazatlan had . . . more

Mazatlan on a budget

Mazatlan, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-23
If you are ever in Mazatlan, run, don't walk, run away from the fancy hotels. Sure the beach is wonderful, the restaurants are beautiful, and the pools are warm and inviting. Okay, maybe just walk away, or rather stay a while and enjoy, if that's you cup . . . more

I pooshed de button, and dropped my cookies.

Tiajuana to La Paz, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-17
"Blah blah blah blah" said this guy in military uniform. At least that is what is sounded like to me. I don't speak Spanish. So, I said the only Spanish words I know: "No Hablo Espaniol." He responed to me with "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bl . . . more


San Louis Obispo, USA - dave: 1998-11-14
"US customs and Immigration" yelled the man in the uniform, whom borded our bus at it's Saint Louis Obispo Greyhound station. "Anyone that is not an American citizen is required to show identification!".
For a brief moment, I was, well..., apprehens . . . more

If you are going to San Francisco...

San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-13
A few fellow travellers and I were walking across the Golden Gate bridge with flowers in our hair (hey, it was San Francisco) taking in the scenery. Leigh was leaning over the railing a little to far. This gave the flower in her hair the opportunity to c . . . more

Where good friends and girls meet.

San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-12

Where - good friends and girls meet. A small hole in the wall place in San Francisco. . . . more


San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-11
I was walking up a hill in Golden Gate park, and came across a small crowd in a clearing. They were all watching the sun, which was about to set. I'm not about to describe the beauty of the sunset. It is perhaps sufice to say that this impromptu gather . . . more


San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-10
As I was waling through the Castro district (San Francisco's gay district) I found a theatre showing The Bicicle Thief, and was elated, as I have waited years to see this movie on the big screen.
The theatre (I beleive it was called the Castro) was one . . . more

The Green Tortiose

Seattle to San Fransisco, Canada - dave: 1998-11-09
You know the feeling you get when your in someone's living room going down the highway at a mile a minute? That's kind of what the Green Tortoise is like. It's an old bus that is converted into a giant moving be . . . more

The Port Angeles Tourist Office

Post Angeles, USA - dave: 1998-11-06

It was quite possibly the smallest digital watch I'd ever seen strapped to the arm of a nearly blind, and seemingly senile, tourist office lady. I had to tell her that I was going to Seattle 3 times, but she insisted that I was going the same place t . . . more

$54 for a foot passenger?

Victoria, Canada - dave: 1998-11-04
My plan was to take the Victoria-Seattle ferry. It turns out the ferry costs $54 USD for a foot passenger on this 2 hour trip.

The tourist office in downtown Victoria suggested I go via Vancouver, but I just came from Vancouver, and that would d . . . more

When am I leaving

Victoria, Canada - dave: 1998-11-01

I'm on my way to Mexico and beyond, but I didn't buy am airline ticket. I'm travelling by foot, bus, taxi, or whatever will take me.

It's funny what not having a set departure date does. "Soon", I'd say to everyone that asked when I was le . . . more

Now I had a broken tooth and a broken motorcycle.

Katmandu Highway, Nepal - dave: 1993-11-09
So I got on my motorcycle early and headed off to Katmandu in search of a dentist. A tooth broken in half should have been extremely painful, but my tooth wasn't sore, due, I believe, to a root canal years earlier. What complicated things was that I coul . . . more

My tooth broke

Kathmandu Highway, Nepal - dave: 1993-11-07

After my two week hike in the Himalayas, I was almost back to the Gurungs home, where much of my stuff and my motorcycle was. The bus stopped long enough for me to race out and buy some nuts and various unidentifiable Nepalese nibbly bits.

I . . . more

Things change when you travel by motorcycle

Near Chitwan Park, Nepal - dave: 1993-10-25

I was hungry, tired, and my bum was sore from riding all the way from the India, Nepal border. I was on my way to Kathmandu.

I stopped in a small town, and asked the first person I saw where I could eat using hand jestures and what seemed to . . . more

Malana, the strangest village I've ever visited.

Malana, India - dave: 1993-10-07
The trail to Malana was beautiful. Although picturesque, Malana is wierd. You must not touch anything in the village, not even the people. If you touch something, you are fined 1000 rupies. As far as I understand it, this is not a punitive fine. It is . . . more


Bhuntar, India - dave: 1993-10-03

Spent all day yesturday on the bus. Got to Bhuntar. Night there, morning, bus to Jari. From Jari I plan to trek (my first trek in the Himalaya. Woohoo!) to Malana.

They have wonderful ways of spelling things here:

Scrumbled eggs < . . . more

Monkeys and traffic

Simla, India - dave: 1993-10-01

The bus let me off in Simla.

Simla is a lot like a Swiss mountain village, except for all the monkeys. It is up in the mountains and surrounded by evergreen trees, lind of like home (Vancouver, Canada), and the best part is that it is NOT HO . . . more

My first bus ride in India

North from Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-30
I decided to go north before it got too cold, and then maybe swing around India clockwise.

I headed north out of New Delhi on a train. It was my first train ride in India. I rode second class. It was just fine.

I was going north to a . . . more

Gandhi memorial

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-22

I went to see the Gandhi memorial, where he was creamated. A simple memorial in a little garden.

Then I went accros the street to the Gandhi museum. In it, in one glass case, they had the bullet that killed him, and the blood stained clothe . . . more

King Fisher Beer

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-21
"Most thrilling chilled" - slogan for King Fisher Beer, 20Rs - 60 Rs
. . . more

Buffet in a sauna

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-20

So far, new delhi is like a buffet in a sauna.
. . . more

Child beggars, flies, and New Delhi

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-19

I stepped out of the hotel this morning, and my senses were assaulted by so many sights, sounds, and smells. It is virtually indescribable, at least beyond my powers of description.

Beggars follow you for blocks. Children hold up fingerless . . . more

They say you will never forget your first night in India.

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-18

I met two fellow Vancouverites in line for the airport money exchange, Mark and Ian. They were meeting their friend Nadine, who has been in India for four months now. They invited my to follow them. She led us to a bus.

The bus took off . . . more


Singapore, Singapore - dave: 1993-09-17

Singapore looks like it was designed by the artists who made the video game "Syndicate".

It is the cleanest city I have ever seen.

Apparently, bubble gum is illeagal in Singapore. It is a very strict place. Possesion of marajuana i . . . more

10100 meters above Japan

10100 meters above Japan, Japan - dave: 1993-09-16

I looked out the window and saw JAPAN! I think I uttered "My God." That was the first moment it hit me. I'm going to India!

We stopped for an hour in Korea and I watched the Jetsons in Korean inbetween all the adds for American products. < . . . more

My trip to PEI

PEI, Canada - dave: 1992-06-17
This video is from my trip to P.E.I. The only thing in it that isn't from P.E.I. is the mooses, I saw them on my way back from P.E.I. . . . more

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