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hiking to Cerro Chato Crater

La Fortuna, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-16
Tom and I got up at 8am for our breakfast of gallo pinto and plantános, etc. After filling up, we headed out to Cerro Chato Crater. Found 2 trail deadends, misinformed . . . more

La Rio Fortuna

La Fortuna, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-16
After coming down from our hike to Cerro Chato crater, we stopped to visit the waterfall (la catarata). We made the descent down some steep steps to the base of la catarata and . . . more

near Volc·n Arenal

La Fortuna, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-15
We arrived in La Fortuna after a very lengthy bus ride from San José (approx. 5 hours). I accidentally forgot about the time change, so we woke up 2 hours later than originally planned, missed breakfast at at the hotel (Hotel Aranjuéz) and our 8:15am bus o . . . more

first impressions

San Jose, Costa Rica - coffywoman: 2004-02-14
Finally, we're here in Costa Rica after a lengthy delay at DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth airport) due to unusual weather conditions and a subsequent need to de-ice the plane. Since snow is app . . . more

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