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porn for breakfast

Milan, Italy - bette: 2004-02-24
With only pennies to our names Milan hardly seemed like the obvious place for two students to explore but there’s so much more to Milan than the expensive designer living its famous for.
We did all our travelling round the city on foot which was an ama . . . more

laughed so much my belly hurt

Paris, France - bette: 2004-01-09
Gracing the streets of Montmartre, Paris by night with our backpacks and limited Euros we took a gamble and settled into a rickety budget hotel. With the fabulous view of four brick walls from our window and a brooding hotel owner with a limp it felt a bit . . . more


Amsterdam, Netherlands - bette: 2004-01-09
The main things I remember about Amsterdam are the smell of cabbage, the dark refreshing rain, the fear of walking on what you think is a footpath and constantly hearing ‘bring bring’ at your heels from a cyclist, and the amazing stacked up buildings like . . . more

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