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Ahhh, Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany - Ulrica: 2000-09-20
Oktoberfest was FANTASTIC!!! The beer, the sausages, the sauerkraut, the beer, the really big pretzels, the beer, the rides . . . it was all just super. Today we have gone through 4 countries: Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. It has raine . . . more

I canĄt believe there is only 1 week to go!

All Around, Multi-Country - Ulrica: 2000-09-19
Good morning all from beautiful Innsbruck.

I haven´t used the Internet in 3 days and it feels so strange. The keyboard is also pretty weird so bear with me. I believe I last left off on the French Riviera, where life was fantastic. I will def . . . more

It was Sept. 14th . . .

Monaco, Italy - Ulrica: 2000-09-16
It was September 14th 1982 when Princess Grace and her daughter Princess Stephanie were in their car having a "Mother and Daughter" chat, when Grace suffered a stroke and plummeted off the road known as the Grand Corniche. It was September 14th 2000 when . . . more

Nice is very nice!

Nice, France - Ulrica: 2000-09-14
Bon jour toute la monde et bienvenue au Nice!
It is 10:35am and Gabi (from Melbourne, Australia) and Laura-Lee (from Kelowna, BC) and I are on our way to the lookout point titled Le Chateau Musee Naval. It gives you an amazing view of Nice and the Med . . . more

So far so good!

Paris and Barcelona, Spain - Ulrica: 2000-09-12
Paris, what can I say . . . it was phenomenal. I will have to go back one day! I went to the Louvre and saw many great things. They say if you would see everything on display in the Louvre it would take you 9 months of continual walking! The Eiffel Tow . . . more

Well, I finally made it!

London, UK - Ulrica: 2000-09-07
Well, I made it to London in one piece. The flight was really great. It was on time, the meal was great (can you believe it, airplane food and the word "great" used in the same sentence)! The only problem was that there were 4 medical emergencies on our . . . more

This story is for my Mom.

North Vancouver, Canada - Ulrica: 2000-09-05
This story is for my Mom. She has been the very patient pupil in a crash course on how to get onto the Internet to read these fancy fangled Journeyfile entries of mine. We don't have a computer at home so we have been to the Library twice now in the past . . . more

Only 12 more days and counting!

North Vancouver, Canada - Ulrica: 2000-08-25
Only 12 more days to go until I leave on my trip. Most people would be excited by now, but not me. I'm one of those people that holds my sh*t together about travelling . . . until I actually have to let go of my suitcase and check it in at the airport! . . . more

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