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kim10: outside of Playa del Carmen, Mexico - 2004-12-19

Think Twice About Vacations In Mexico

The "new" Mexican hot spot is the Riviera Maya area which includes; Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen. They are attempting to move tourists to Playa del Carmen area(about 45 minutes from Cancun). The Mexicans know once they have you their you are basically a captive audience---the routine is to overbook hotels and move you to wherever they want, and interestinly enough the Apple and FunJets do the booking at one place and then you are unknowingly transferred to another resort without being given a choice.

This writer has been very involved in the death of an 8 year old at the Occidental Grand Xcaret. The hotel officials have been quoted as stating the pool was working fine on the day that Brent Midlock was manslaughtered, and that they were not guilty. The resort was operating a salt water pool with 3 12 inch open drain pipes which violenty pulled Brent back 10 feet into the pipe from behind. The State of Quintana Roo produced a report that concluded with the fact that the hotel was guilty of negligence, but no one individual could be identified as guilty. An $86 million dollar resort with water feature after water feature, and no one knows anything about water??? The force that pulled Brent in was a force of 600psi, meaning that it folded him in 1/2 and crushed him in two inches from the width of his shoulders.
The report from the Mex. Gov is an insult filled with nonsense, and I find it outrageous that any State would allow such an outrageous report to be produced. I consider it to be a complete embarrasment.

This particular case has drawn much attention, and the only way Mexico will understand the outrage is by not patronizing the resorts that have the audacity to exhibit this type of disregard for life and safety.

It seems as though the family has been approached by several publishers and producers. This would really expose the Mexican tourism industry. When you steal the future of a child because you were too careless to put $3.00 covers over these pipes I believe that you should receive all the publicity you are worthy of.

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