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suzyandtodd: valparaiso, Chile - 2004-10-19

bella vistas

We went to Valparaiso last weekend...itīs a really beautiful city on the coast, only about 2 hours by bus from Santiago. Kinda reminded us of someplace in italy, maybe the cinque terra, except bigger...lots of curvy streets, steep hills, colorful houses. Had some really good fish, and stayed at the Brighton Hotel, which is a beautiful yellow house on the top of Cerro Concepcion...it was a bit expensive for us, but worth it for the views! A reccomendation for anyone going to Valparaiso - check out the restauraunt, Apollo 77, near the top of Ascensor (old fashioned funiculars that take people up and down the steep hills) El Peral. Amazing food, and excellent local lager.

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