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freeman: blue ridge parkway, USA - 2004-08-31

great roads

on august 8th 2004 at 7;45am i left st.louis mo.on 2004 roadking custom harley davidson and arrived at 7;oopm in pigeon forge tennessee.i camped at koa till next morning.the ride to pigeon was clear and sunny all the way.ran interstate all the way there to save time for next days ride thru the blue ridge parkway,the parkway is 477 miles of twists and turns that start at shenendoah state park in virginia and goes all the way to the smoky mountains national state park,it has a 45mph speed limit and no commercial businesses on the parkway what so ever.gas is available just off the parkway in the towns that are near.gas is no problem.camping is all along there also and many great places safe to pull over and veiw great scenery that at times you seem to be above the clouds.i stayed at a motorcycle only campground called willville in meadow of dans virginia that was clean and great camp area,the owner also fixes you coffee and a sausage or chicken biscuit free the next morning.i did not get much time to visit with the fellow that owns the campground,i was tired,from where i started that morning out of pigeon forge all the way to meadow of dans was 354 miles at 45 mph or less made for a long day.this is one of the most greatest roads in america that i have ever been on but not heard alot about.the wild flowers and trees that row along this road are unbeleivable.i headed back to st.louis on the 19th after my chicken biscuit at willville and never hit any rain untill the last 30 miles home.i ran 1648 miles in 3 days on a harley and am going back in september to run the last 177 miles of the parkway starting from the skyline parkway in shenendoah state park onto the mile marker one of the blue ridge parkway back to willville in meadow of dans virginia and try the suasage biscuit this time.

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