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britstarusa: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - 2004-06-08


If you want to go to a festival, then why not treat yourself (and the family!) to a week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The biggest event of the year, the second biggest being the State Fair.

There are more than 10 stages, music to suit everyone's tastes, and food galore! The food is out of this world! You can choose anything from Chinese to German!

As you walk around the Henry Meier Festival Grounds, you will see that Milwaukee's varied ethnic past has had an effect on what is sold in the grounds. There is entertainment for the kids and oldies alike, a chair lift for when you're feeling tired, and don't forget the sun block! It gets extremely hot in the summertime in Milwaukee, and the rays of sunlight tend to reflect off the black top. So unless you want to be looking like a lobster when you come out for the day, don't forget it!

Also another tip, try to pay for your entry to the grounds ahead. And buy for the whole week, even if you don't use it. Otherwise, the grounds crew will rob you alive for entrance fees! You'll get a plastic card, all you need to do is show this at the gate, and you're set for the day! They will also stamp your hand if you leave the grounds, so if you want to come back in, make sure you don't wash your hands! :)

And before you think, "ah yeah, but I bet it's all boy bands or bands I've never heard of", think again. Old and new alike artists will be on the stages, and also the mega stars will be there too. (I went to see Sheryl Crow in 2002 and I'm going to see Britney Spears this year). They play in The Dome, and you'll have to buy tickets for these artists, as they are proper concerts.

Hope to see you there soon! :D

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