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patsy: The island of Hawaii, Hawaii - 2004-02-17

No Sacrifices

The volcano wasn't erupting, so there were no human sacrifices made.
Shoot--I really wanted to see flowing lava. The park ranger said that the latest flow has dwindled down to a small amount that you can hardly see from the nearest place you can walk to. We walked about an hour to get up to a hilltop area where we could possibly see some of the orange flow, but couldn't see anything. Fog, clouds, kept coming into the valleys and obstructed our views often. If you wanted to walk a couple of hours longer, you could walk down to see the flow closer. Some people I heard talking said that last year there was much more lava flowing and you could walk right up to it, and see it steaming up from the ocean as it fell in, creating more land for the island of Hawaii.
We did get to walk and walk on old lava flows and see craters up close and
personal. Amazing stuff.
I am starting a volcano fund and flying over here as soon as the next one
decides to sprout significantly!

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