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steven89n: Los Angeles, USA - 2003-12-06

The Key

Apply what has happened in the past
To what is learned

Evaluate what has happened
So you can apply what is learned

What I have read
To what I know

This way there is no mistakes

New International Version
All these other versions are watered down due to grade levels

Book of John

New Testament
Mathew through Revelation, Proverbs and Psalms
The rest is how He set things into motion unto todays outcome.
Tests of faith, trials and tribulations, examples we are to learn from, so that we don't make the same mistakes.

History won't repeat itself.

There are two ways of learning: experience and reading.

Put Jesus first, second to none. Know the truth for youself about God's son.

If you believe, read
If you smoke weed, read

Confusion comes from a lack of knowledge and/or a misunderstanding.

A person would say,"I'm going to read the bible". You don't start from the first page,2Cor.3-15, you turn to the Book of John first.
All humans must be baptised when grown. There is such thing as an eighty-year old kid. Maturity comes through understanding. A 10yr old is considered grown if he understands.
The KJV has words in it that are not in the dictionary. A preacher will say that he has studied the bible for years, I'll ask him, "How many times have you read it?"
So, if you read part of it, your mind is left to wonder about the rest.
If you read past a word you don't know the definition of, your mind suffers a blank spot. You don't remember or get the concept of what you are reading(L.R.H.).

The peaple are seperated from the church because of their or by the state of their mind.

Marajuana (Weed) is Gen. 9-3 in the Bible.
A drug is two or more chemicals or man-made.
I'm pisted because it is illegal in the first place.Luke 7:29-30 THC is the antidote for ashma. USDA at $5lb (Got me paying the price for someone elses stupidity). YOU BETTER READ!!! Acts 3:22

If you don't know the truth, you are only left to believe a lie.

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