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chicago: House, USA - 2003-10-25

The Baha'i house

The place that i have been to and liked is the Baha'i House Of Worship. it's a big temple in Chicago on the lake shore of Michigan. The Baha'i house is a sacred place that represents all religions, races, and the oneness of God and mankind. the building is shaped like a bird's cage and its 135ft tall. inside the building are columns of comfortable chairs for visitors to sit and meditate. abouve the windows are writings in gold letters that Baha''u'lla'h, the founder of the Baha'i religion, wrote. its peaceful sound and sight frees your mind from everything that annoys you. under the temple is the basement, which is the oldest part of the temple.The basement has historical things about the temple and its religion. outside the building are columns that surround it. the columns have diffrent symbols of different religions. the column starts with the Baha'i symbol, then Islamic, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism symbol. the temple is surrounded by small gardens with a fountain in each one. there are nine gardens and they're separated from each other by columns of trees. Each garden has many different types of flowers and bushes behind them. the flowers smell like a perfume that makes you smile when you smell it and it feels like a smooth and silky dress that slips from your hand easily. A sidewalk surround the whole area and stairs around the house that take you in it.

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