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thomasnava: Wisconsin, USA - 2003-10-22


Are you looking for a place to go with the family on a nice summer day? What about a place that has a lot of food, that will make your taste buds go crazy? Well, I know of a perfect place; that is the Wisconsin State Fair. There are many things to do there. First, there are tons of different animals of which you can look at. Some animals that are there include: pigs, goats, donkey's, and cows. There is also plenty of rides. Some rides include a huge slide, swing rides, and many of smaller rides for the kids. However, the best part is all of the food that you can eat there. One of the best foods that are at the fair are the famous cream puffs. When you walk in the factory that makes them, you can hear all the machines working to mix the batter. You can see all of the people eating their cream puffs. You can even smell the cream puffs from hundreds of feet away. The cream puffs teaste delicious and even melts right in your mouth. It is also crispy and soft, and is sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. If your looking for some great food and some family fun, this is the place for you to go.

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