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michellebishop: Rocky Mountain National Park, USA - 2002-12-09

Magical Rocky Mountain National Park

Everytime I go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado something magical happens. This is a destination not to be missed if you love nature. The park is well known for its elk civiliaztion. I have had close encounters with them while hiking and one time I was camping in the South part of the park we arrived a little after midnight after a long day at work. I was assisting a friend with the tent and camp set up while eating potato chips and all the sudden a camping dog came up to me. As this caping dog so I though got close enough to feed by hand I realized this is not a camping dog. It was a wild animal!!! It turned out to be a coyote, startled by the closeness of the wild animal I jumped in the car after screaming its wild!!! I left my friend outside to fend for himself. I later talked to the ranger about my experience and he said " You did the right thing about not feeding the coyote but, he wouldnt have hurt you and they are very cautious animals, the reason that he came up to me was because other people have probobly fed him before and he was accustomed to getting food by way of humans". This alarmed me and at theat piont I realized that the animals are so freindly because the visitors to the park feed them. Basically a large petting zoo. Another time I was hiking one of the many awesome trails and a little peka came out up over a rock I was like hi little guy what do you want? I put my water bottle out in front of him and he reached for it as if to take a drink I wish I had my camera I coulda posted it on the internet funny pics.com. Another instance I remember was when I was hiking off the beaten path and found myself surround by these silly mountain birds they are grey and fluffy will also eat from your hand. I was talking to my friend and daughter about how it was strangely quiet and it felt like I was in a dream when my friend said look right above your head a woodpecker. I looked and not a foot away from my head was a redheaded woodpecker. I felt like snowwhite. Ive seen a type of quail bird cant remember what it was called. Ive had encounters with plent of elk and it is so neat to go and camp in the fall around august when theelk have their mating season they bugle in the night. It was a full moon with the elk bugling it was very romanticle. The park offers excellant hiking and the most beautiful views. Night hiking is also allowed watch out for the bunnies they tend to come out at night to scare the night hikers. This place is good for families looking for a moderate wilderness adventure. Also good for nature lovers of all kinds. By all means not meant for those who dont want to be around tourists but as a Colorado Native highly reccomended if visiting Colorado. The last and most recent magical experience was wwhen we were driving on trail ridge road one of the highest most scenic raods in Colorado we stoped for a break and jumped over the boundry and started to take pictures, me and my rock hunting eye found a raw natural crystal. I had been searching the rivers and lands for my whole life finally I found one in the raw element. I still have it to this day and feel very special to have acquired it. The magic never ends with this destination. See for yourself.


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