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lynn: Grand Canyon, USA - 2002-08-20

Grand Canyon


The first thing I noticed was the silence. The steel railing was on the edge, depth, color and grandeur took my breath away.
I looked down, then straight ahead, ten miles across was the flat north rim of the canyon. The many layered sheer cliffs and eroded pointed mountains, filled the naturally created 446km long gorge.
We camped in the Canyon Gateway RV Park at Williams, Arizona and drove 93km north to the entrance of the canyon.
The $20.00 park admission is valid for seven day re-entry. We also received a map and brochure, filled with information.
We parked the truck and walked to our first overlook, Yavapai Point. The depth here is approx. 2,170m, elevations in the canyon range from 360m, to 2,700m.
We walked the well maintained paths and tried to spot the Colorado River. The overlooks are well marked and fenced, Hermits Rest, Pima Point, The Abyss, Mohave Point and Hopi Point are just a few of the scenic points.
The park has a free shuttle bus service, which enable tourists to get on and off at any lookout. The paths are paved and wide, excellent for wheelchairs.
Information centres along the rim explain the history and display fossils found in the ancient rock. There are restrooms and the non profit store sells books and posters.
The canyon is home to protected Condors, we watched them soar among the cliffs. We walked a short distance along Bright Angel Trail to get a closer look. These trails have no railing and are cut out of the cliff, not for the faint of heart. Mule trips down to the Colorado River also use these paths, but reservations must be made a year in advance.
We spent the day exploring, riding the narrated buses, walking from one point to another and enjoying the breathtaking view.

It was time to leave, we stood for a long time staring at the natural wonder. I felt humbled by the magnificence and grace, no picture can express the enormity and serenity of this creation.

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