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dave: San Francisco, USA - 1998-11-13

If you are going to San Francisco...

A few fellow travellers and I were walking across the Golden Gate bridge with flowers in our hair (hey, it was San Francisco) taking in the scenery. Leigh was leaning over the railing a little to far. This gave the flower in her hair the opportunity to commit suicide. This attempt was unsucessful, as instead of plummeting to it's death, it mearly lay injured 3 feet below street level on a ledge.
Now, Leigh is what you might call a compassionate daredevil, or perhaps just someone who gets very attached to particular flowers. She began insisting that she climb over the railing and get the flower. As the three of us were pleading with her not to, along came a three wheeled Golden Gate Bridge putt-putt, and in it, a heroic brigde worker.
Our brave bridge lad climbed down, got the flower, and handed it back up to her through the railing. This is where I missed at one of the best photos opportunities I've ever had. My film ran out. D'oh.

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