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dave: San Francisco, USA - 1998-11-10


As I was waling through the Castro district (San Francisco's gay district) I found a theatre showing The Bicicle Thief, and was elated, as I have waited years to see this movie on the big screen.
The theatre (I beleive it was called the Castro) was one of those old magestic ones, the kind that make you trip down the aisle because you keep looking at the paintings on the ceilings.
About 10 mintues before the movie started a man came out (of the lobby, not the closet), stepped into the orchestra pit, and a moment later he was being elevated to the height of the screen on a Wirlitzer organ.
You wouldn't beleive the sounds this thing made. As well as all the pipes, it was connected to percussion instraments as well. The music he played was that kind of 1940's movie music.
He finished, everyone clapped, and the bicicle was stolen.

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