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KimnBensEuropetrip2000: Provo, Utah, USA - 2000-04-27

8 hours to go!...

We leave in 8 hours. Jay is nice enough to take us to the airport! Mom and Dad Mantz are dogsitting for the next month or so. We miss Sadie already though. We did get a buyer for the house so it is easier to leave knowing that it is all set.
We have had a busy and great week with family and friends visiting. I saw Mike Woods, and Kris (grad school roomie) and her friend Scott from Florida were out for my graduation.
Well our idea about keeping things casual worked out--in fact we just changed the itinerary of the whole trip. We are going to start in Paris and then go to southern France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and then go see the family in Belgium toward the end! It should be better that way, we won't be so anxious. I am excited and tired!!! Talk to everyone soon!

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