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great roads

blue ridge parkway, USA - freeman: 2004-08-31
on august 8th 2004 at 7;45am i left st.louis mo.on 2004 roadking custom harley davidson and arrived at 7;oopm in pigeon forge tennessee.i camped at koa till next morning.the ride to pigeon was clear and sunny all the way.ran interstate all the way there to . . . more

getting started

home, USA - suzyandtodd: 2004-08-23
This entry is the first one. This is where we get set up to go. Thanks to all the friends for support as we get ready to leave baltimore - we'll miss everybody, but hopefully will keep in touch! Yeah! . . . more


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - britstarusa: 2004-06-08
If you want to go to a festival, then why not treat yourself (and the family!) to a week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The biggest event of the year, the second biggest being the State Fair.

There are more than 10 stages, music to suit everyone's . . . more


White Tank Mountains, Ford Canyon Trail, Arizona, USA - jeffmores: 2004-01-23
A seamless world, lit by dirt paths and stationary healers - the dust of drum beats opening pores - each breath an entrance to the opposite side of my eyes - flutes out of the canopy of blue - reverence - I am everywhere - here is there - there is here - a . . . more

The Key

Los Angeles, USA - steven89n: 2003-12-06
Apply what has happened in the past
To what is learned

Evaluate what has happened
So you can apply what is learned

What I have read
To what I know

This way there is no mistakes

N . . . more

The Baha'i house

House, USA - chicago: 2003-10-25
The place that i have been to and liked is the Baha'i House Of Worship. it's a big temple in Chicago on the lake shore of Michigan. The Baha'i house is a sacred place that represents all religions, races, and the oneness of God and mankind. the building is . . . more


Wisconsin, USA - thomasnava: 2003-10-22
Are you looking for a place to go with the family on a nice summer day? What about a place that has a lot of food, that will make your taste buds go crazy? Well, I know of a perfect place; that is the Wisconsin State Fair. There are many things to do th . . . more

24 miles of gravel,worth it !

wyoming and colorado, USA - freeman: 2003-10-15
left sturgis 8-9-03 west on 90 to powder river canyon pass went south through every possible landscape change from giant rock boulders to deep mountainous woods to desert like conditions all in one day.out of wyoming in to colorado hwy 430 turns to gravel . . . more

101 ways

Hawai'i, USA - simf2p: 2003-08-04
:: 101 Ways... ::

101. A familiar number wouldn’t you say? What comes to mind when that number is mentioned? Dalmatians’ right? Well the number holds a special meaning here on the Islands as well. The land of sun, surf & bikini’s. Hawaii’s, islan . . . more


acadia national park, adirondak mountains & more, USA - jeffmores: 2003-06-20
The following is a journal of spontaneous writing I kept on a trip I took with family from the Midwest to the East Coast in May and June of 2003. We traveled in an RV across Indiana, Michigan, through Canada, Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Rhoad Island, . . . more

dombascian adventurer

new york, USA - marku: 2003-06-06
23.11.02 12.15 pm- Home
Well, nerves are starting to kick in. I'm packed, sacked, jacked and ready to go. Smashing Pumpkins are playing on the stereo, I'm triple checking everything in my mind, tickets-check, passport-check, underwear-check, podgy li . . . more

Magical Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, USA - michellebishop: 2002-12-09
Everytime I go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado something magical happens. This is a destination not to be missed if you love nature. The park is well known for its elk civiliaztion. I have had close encounters with them while hiking and one tim . . . more

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, USA - lynn: 2002-08-20

The first thing I noticed was the silence. The steel railing was on the edge, depth, color and grandeur took my breath away.
I looked down, then straight ahead, ten miles across was the flat north rim of the canyon. T . . . more

Temptation to Vanish

Travelling, USA - JAM: 2002-02-27
The temptation to Vanish.... coming soon. . . . more


Everywhere, USA - toker: 2001-05-29
From what I have herd in about five years the constitution is going to leagalize marajuana and band cigarette's because they are the number one killing drugs all over the world. . . . more

Cold Balls and Waterfalls

Yosemite, USA - Ben: 2001-05-05
Cold Balls and Waterfalls
By Ben Divall

This is a warning to all of you that have felt compelled to swim bare arsed in some piece of private paradise that you convinced yourself you discovered. . . . more

road trip akross the usa

road trip, USA - tuna lifjell: 2000-07-04
here you can find information abute a lot of the things in the usa. if you are going a road trip or just going to one or two places.
if you want some information aboute eks. yellostone national park. or Montana.
you can find it here. :) . . . more

8 hours to go!...

Provo, Utah, USA - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-04-27
We leave in 8 hours. Jay is nice enough to take us to the airport! Mom and Dad Mantz are dogsitting for the next month or so. We miss Sadie already though. We did get a buyer for the house so it is easier to leave knowing that it is all set.
We hav . . . more

waiting for tom

San Francisco, USA - frippet: 1999-07-01
the guy next to me in the line for tom waits tickets was a vietnam vet, apparently a homeless vietnam vet - he was covered in grime, his teeth were brown and sparse, and he had a vague odour. when i first got in line i thought he was just some crazy guy ha . . . more


San Louis Obispo, USA - dave: 1998-11-14
"US customs and Immigration" yelled the man in the uniform, whom borded our bus at it's Saint Louis Obispo Greyhound station. "Anyone that is not an American citizen is required to show identification!".
For a brief moment, I was, well..., apprehens . . . more

If you are going to San Francisco...

San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-13
A few fellow travellers and I were walking across the Golden Gate bridge with flowers in our hair (hey, it was San Francisco) taking in the scenery. Leigh was leaning over the railing a little to far. This gave the flower in her hair the opportunity to c . . . more

Where good friends and girls meet.

San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-12

Where - good friends and girls meet. A small hole in the wall place in San Francisco. . . . more


San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-11
I was walking up a hill in Golden Gate park, and came across a small crowd in a clearing. They were all watching the sun, which was about to set. I'm not about to describe the beauty of the sunset. It is perhaps sufice to say that this impromptu gather . . . more


San Francisco, USA - dave: 1998-11-10
As I was waling through the Castro district (San Francisco's gay district) I found a theatre showing The Bicicle Thief, and was elated, as I have waited years to see this movie on the big screen.
The theatre (I beleive it was called the Castro) was one . . . more

The Port Angeles Tourist Office

Post Angeles, USA - dave: 1998-11-06

It was quite possibly the smallest digital watch I'd ever seen strapped to the arm of a nearly blind, and seemingly senile, tourist office lady. I had to tell her that I was going to Seattle 3 times, but she insisted that I was going the same place t . . . more

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