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Doing London in 3 days flat

London, UK - ireson: 2003-09-02
Well where does it all start? My home in York. 2 hours mainline train strait to King's Cross station then to my hotel and now we really start.

Day 1 Greenwich. Worth a day in itself this lovely little village .. as was a few hundred years ago tha . . . more

Return to London: Forty-Five Years Later

London, UK - Ricardo: 2002-11-24
After disembarking from the train at Paddington Station, and standing firmly on the walkway, I was a bit exhilarated at being back in London once again. Although a bit too warm to suit me, I took it all in stride. It was time to see how much change time . . . more

Golf in Scotland

Firth of Clyde and the Firth of Forth, UK - jimbaffico: 2002-08-17
Golf in Scotland My wife and I both grew up playing golf, and in my case a lot of golf. I spent the better part of my younger years in San Francisco hitting countless bags of balls on the “practice course” at Harding Park, playing twenty-five cent . . . more

Train Travel, London Hotels

London, UK - jimbaffico: 2002-08-17
Train Travel We had decided to take the train to London. I like the travel variety that trains provide, as well as the ride. It’s really very pleasant and relaxed: a great way to see the countryside. Of course, one does have to get on the train fir . . . more

The trip starts today

London, UK - ashman101: 2001-07-27
Well to day it all starts.. we finish work and head out for drinks, is this is really our last day as U.K citizens. We'll head into a hostel for the weekend - somewhere nice like Kings Cross! until Monday when we head to Barcelona. Thats where the fun will . . . more

Well, I finally made it!

London, UK - Ulrica: 2000-09-07
Well, I made it to London in one piece. The flight was really great. It was on time, the meal was great (can you believe it, airplane food and the word "great" used in the same sentence)! The only problem was that there were 4 medical emergencies on our . . . more

Buckingham Palace

London, UK - thumbsup: 1990-04-15
This is where the idea came from. The thumb on the left is my friend Pete. The one on the right is mine, as is the case in all of the thumbs up that I've taken. The idea came from Pete only a moment before this one was taken. I then took this idea througho . . . more

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