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I caught the pick pocket.

Madrid, Barcelona, Spain - jimbaffico: 2004-06-21
Madrid June 3rd, we arrive in Madrid and find the splendid Hotel Real awaiting us. Joey had wired ahead and arranged a fine bottle of champagne and fruit plate in celebration of our 37th wedding anniversary. And a surprise note for me: I can’t reve . . . more

stu & kajas european tour

europe, Spain - stu&kajaseuropetrip: 2003-07-25
i decided i had had enough of england and wanted to see a bit of the world outside. kaja my girlfriend felt the same too (except shes from norway) so we bought a renault trafic van and got my sisters boyfriend to turn it into a camper. then it broke down . . . more

So far so good!

Paris and Barcelona, Spain - Ulrica: 2000-09-12
Paris, what can I say . . . it was phenomenal. I will have to go back one day! I went to the Louvre and saw many great things. They say if you would see everything on display in the Louvre it would take you 9 months of continual walking! The Eiffel Tow . . . more

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