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Machu Pichu (must be done of course)

Inca Trail and Machu Pichu, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-11-23
Hello again,

We arrived in Cusco around Nov. 10th. If we thought that any other place in Peru is touristy, Cusco has them all beat. Of course, the fact that you are constantly falling over people who want to sell you sweaters, paintings, postcar . . . more

The Colca we will go...

Colca Canyon, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-11-09
We´re back from our trek to the Colca Canyon. The van ride to the canyon was great. We saw many Llamas, alpacas, and vecuñas grazing at the side of the road...not quite sure what they were eating (cacti, moss?). The volcanoes were huge, many over 6000 m . . . more

Mucha EspaÒola

Arequipa, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-10-28

It´s been a week of spanish classes. Hay mucho mejoramiento (we no longer look like deer facing headlights when spoken to). Really, the classes have been quite good. However, one of the professors likes to chat with us more than practice . . . more

Spanish classes and ""el misti""

Arequipa, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-10-21
¿Como Estan?

Hi, We are comfortably in Arequipa now, and have been for the past three days. This is apparently the city¨"del sol", however the vancouver weather has been haunting us, and there has been an unprecedented (for this time of year) 5 . . . more

Official taxi alternative

Lima taxi airport, Peru - CarolynandOllie: 2000-10-17
We took the advice of the popular planet book and went for a bargain taxi a little off from the main terminal area. However, we were a little frightened when our "taxi" driver suddenly pulled his little stick-on taxi sign off the windshield as we were com . . . more

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