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Pick pocketed

Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-02-15
The concert had just ended and the street was still packed with people throwing confetti on each other and engaging in water fights.
We decided to go east down Via Espania and got about 200 metres of the main stage when the three of us were attacked. < . . . more

How to secretly communicate while in prison

Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-02-07
The radio on my walkman stopped working. This situation was rectified when a fellow traveller dropped it on the ground. Now the radio works, but the tape player is broken. It makes me think maybe I should drop it again.
I am not writting this to lam . . . more


Panama City, Panama - dave: 1999-01-30
The Scottish guy suggested we go for a beer, so we walked around looking for a restaurant or bar. The particular area of Panama City we are in is called San Felipe, and is not the nicest part of town, in fact, you might say it's the worst part of town. B . . . more

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