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Kayaks, Bungies, and Fishing

Dunedin, New Zealand - mark: 1998-03-02
Hello everyone, just a quick update on what I've been up to... oh yeah I'm still alive.

I am writing this note from the public library in Dunedin in the south

of New Zealand. Soon (March 11) I will be flying to Melbourne to start my Aust . . . more

My motorcycle has caused me some grief lately

Rotorua, New Zealand - mark: 1998-02-16
Hello everyone, I'm heading south now and have arrived in Rotorua -- a touristy town famous for its geysers and boiling mud pits. The sun is still shining and my ears are peeling.

My motorcycle has caused me some grief lately, first leaking oil a . . . more

G'day from New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand - mark: 1998-02-08
G'day from New Zealand. Tomorrow, I leave Auckland New Zealand on a motorcycle I just bought from a local dealer. It's a an older Suzuki GS 500 but it should do nicely.

The weather here is super humid with temperatures in the low 30's. My neck and . . . more

YES, it's true, I am in New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand - mark: 1998-02-06
YES, it's true, I am in New Zealand. I just woke up after sleeping for 14 hours. Auckland is beautiful. Take England, Add Northern California weather sprinkled with people walking bearfoot in the street and voila... I'm planning what to do for the next whi . . . more

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