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Amsterdam, Netherlands - bette: 2004-01-09
The main things I remember about Amsterdam are the smell of cabbage, the dark refreshing rain, the fear of walking on what you think is a footpath and constantly hearing ‘bring bring’ at your heels from a cyclist, and the amazing stacked up buildings like . . . more

We zijn gearriveerd!

Kuala Lumpur, Netherlands - nicolepaul: 2002-11-04
Ja we zijn aangekomen, en alles is goed . . . more

We gaan vertrekken

Amsterdam, Netherlands - nicolepaul: 2002-11-03
We hebben de koffers gepakt!!! . . . more

Een eerste test

Utrecht, Netherlands - nicolepaul: 2002-10-18
Dit is gewoon een test. Hopelijk mag de tekst in het Nederlands . . . more

Discover what the red light district is like

Amsterdam, Netherlands - dagashi: 1999-06-22
Jason and I decide that since the authorities in London let us onto the continent without any reservations or plans to stay anywhere, that we won't need to have any reservations when arriving to Amsterdam by bus at 21:30 at night.

So, we get there . . . more

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