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Now I had a broken tooth and a broken motorcycle.

Katmandu Highway, Nepal - dave: 1993-11-09
So I got on my motorcycle early and headed off to Katmandu in search of a dentist. A tooth broken in half should have been extremely painful, but my tooth wasn't sore, due, I believe, to a root canal years earlier. What complicated things was that I coul . . . more

My tooth broke

Kathmandu Highway, Nepal - dave: 1993-11-07

After my two week hike in the Himalayas, I was almost back to the Gurungs home, where much of my stuff and my motorcycle was. The bus stopped long enough for me to race out and buy some nuts and various unidentifiable Nepalese nibbly bits.

I . . . more

Things change when you travel by motorcycle

Near Chitwan Park, Nepal - dave: 1993-10-25

I was hungry, tired, and my bum was sore from riding all the way from the India, Nepal border. I was on my way to Kathmandu.

I stopped in a small town, and asked the first person I saw where I could eat using hand jestures and what seemed to . . . more

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