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Think Twice About Vacations In Mexico

outside of Playa del Carmen, Mexico - kim10: 2004-12-19
The "new" Mexican hot spot is the Riviera Maya area which includes; Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen. They are attempting to move tourists to Playa del Carmen area(about 45 minutes from Cancun). The Mexicans know once they have you their you are basica . . . more

Police Protects Resort

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - kim10: 2004-10-29
Just learned some disturbing information on the reinvestigation of the unintentional murder of 8 year old Brent Midlock, and I, as I am sure any reader will be that the prosecutor could not find any one guilty in this crime. A little boy was innocently loo . . . more

Police Protects Resort

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - kim10: 2004-10-29
Just learned some disturbing information on the reinvestigation of the unintentional murder of 8 year old Brent Midlock, and I, as I am sure any reader will be that the prosecutor could not find any one guilty in this crime. A little boy was innocently loo . . . more

Learning Mexico's Bus System

off the beaten path, Mexico - busacrossmexico: 2004-10-26
Copyright © 2004 Robert Berryhill

We couldn't help but smile at the stunned looks the other couple gave us. They had approached us in the sunny Mexican plaza because we were reading an English language newspaper. Clearly they were exasperated. < . . . more

Amazing Hideaway

Platanitos Nayarit, Mexico - mexicosta: 2004-10-09
Escaping from the overpriced, over visited and commericalized Puerto Vallarta we drove North through Jungles and mountains, tobacco fields, bean fileds and small villages of Zacualpan, San Isidro and Ixtapa until ther ein front of us blossomed the blue pac . . . more

Riveria Maya Growing Too Fast

Occidental Grand Xcaret, Mexico - kim10: 2004-09-22
I just want to make a few additional comments about the tragic death of an inncocent child. When will people rise to the "corporate philosophy" in the case of Brent Midlock and let them know that enough is enough ? Steal a life because of your incompetenc . . . more

Is Riveria Maya growing too fast?

Occidental/Allegro Grand Xcaret, Mexico - carmel: 2004-09-05
What an interesting philosophy...exceeds clients expectations. The Grand Xcaret exceeded the corporate philosophy when they stole the life of a child. www.brentmidlock.com



A corporation that doesn't care

jazzie, Mexico - jazzie: 2004-08-26
Amyone reading this should send it along to other countries in the hopes that these large corporate giants can step back from their bottom line and look at their lack of safety and value for human life. When the bottom line becomes your life base, and the . . . more

Occidental/Allegro Grand Xcaret, Mexico - jazzie: 2004-08-24
. . . more

Unbelievable Tragedy

Occidental/Allegro Grand Xcaret, Mexico - carmel: 2004-08-15
Occidental/Allegro from Spain owns the Grand Xcaret in Mexico--one of many. Brent's family has never received an apology of any kind for killing their only son, which speaks volumes of the corporate philosphy, and lack of compassion. To feel nothing for . . . more

Yucatan Peninsula

Cancun, Mexico - michellebishop: 2002-12-06
Did you know that the best time to go to Cancun is in January and February. This is because the sun is further away from the earth at this time of the year and the rainy season has passed. Less sunburn and less rain. Although there are periodic showers th . . . more

This town is crap!

Real de Catorce, Mexico - anonymous: 2001-05-14
The Lonely Planet:Mexico guide said that Real De Catorce was a town with a touch of magic. Set high atop the fringes of the sierra madre oriental, blah, blah, blah.

I was looking for a place to move to, to practice my Spanish and relax and . . . more

saying goodbye to a trusted travel mate

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico - susan: 2001-01-13
Today, I buried my closest friend in front of a church in San Cristobal de las Casas. Although she was only three, she had lived a full and meaningful life. I will miss her.

Three years ago, I was wandering around aimlessly in the south of Mexic . . . more

Shinanigans in Mexico

Mazatlan, Los Mochis, Creel, Mexico - creelmochis: 2000-05-20
**** there are some good stories in here regarding travel in mexico, particularily in the Western and north-central areas. it is definatley worth a skim over.*****


This isn't a tale of epic proportions, or of a life-changing jou . . . more


Puerto Escondido, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-18
The man was carrying what appeared to be a quarter scale model of a donkey above his head. This crude wooden donkey-like (perhaps it was a bull) thing had fireworks attached to it, that were violently exploding, and flying off in all directions.
Th . . . more

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-14
I decided to learn to surf in Puerto Escondido, the premier surf destination on the west coast of North America.
A word of advice: Don't learn to surf in the premier surf destination on the west coast of North America.
This means BIG wave . . . more

Place of the Dead

Zipolite, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-09
The name Zipolite means (so I've been told) place of the dead. It's a beach paradise, but the water is extremely dangerous. According to the grape vine, a woman was killed the week before I got there.
As a side note, this seems to be a pattern now; . . . more


Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-05
It's inevitable. It was going to well. I was too healthy for too long. I knew I was getting a little too daring with the street food. Actually, this doesn't feel like food poisoning. I think it's some kind of flu complicated with the thick polution h . . . more

Why is this clown hugging me?

Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-04

The clown was hugging me. "How did I get into this?" I asked myself. It was really a clown, and he was really hugging me, in front of an audience of children, in the middle of one of Mexico City's parks.
I'm getting used to the bizzare. I'm als . . . more


Titojacan, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-03
Half way up the third largest pyramid in the world (the second is two hours, by bus, from here, and the largest is, of coarse, in Egypt) we got accosted by dozens of high school kids. Then the photos began. It took about 20 mintues, but they all needed a . . . more

Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-02
Okay, I'll admit it. I was a little aprehensive about coming to Mexico City. Easily ˝ the people that I've talked to, who've been here have been pick pocketed, or hassled in some way.
I expected a very dirty, dark, dangerous place with questionable c . . . more


Near Angangueo, Mexico - dave: 1998-12-01
They come from all over North America. Many fly from as far as Canada, here, to a small grove of trees, not far from a town called Angangueo. It's amazing when you thing about it. I'm talking, of coarse, about the tourists who have come to see the monar . . . more

Plan Update #1

Zacatecas, Mexico - theplan: 1998-11-30
Hello from Mexico. For those of you who made it to the Bon Voyage
party, thanks for coming. For those of you who weren´t there, you
missed out.

And for those of you who are keeping track, well bring you up to date
on our journey:
. . . more

Bob Dylan and Hitler?

Morelia, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-29

I can't speak German, and my Spanish vocabulary is about 12 words so far. So, when I see a guy yelling that cetain way, into a microphone, to a pacard toting crowd, I am reminded of those pictures that always show of Hitler. Now, the party he was ru . . . more

Dualing Christians

Guadalajara, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-28
The main square of Guadalajara gets pretty active on a Saturday night. In one corner there was a band playing at full volume, and right next to it a woman playing guitar and singing into an amplification system that rivaled the band. The woman's largest . . . more

Good place to see crockodiles and swim.

San Blas, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-25
The guide book said it was a good place to see crockodiles, and don't forget your swim shorts!?!?
Turns out, it's true. I went on a three hour tour, a three hour tour. The weather was as sunny as ever, and beat down on my unSPFed neck, as we rode a b . . . more

TV, extra

Tepic, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-24
There isn't much to see in Tepic, Mexico. It's more of a stop over between places. At least it was for us. The Hotel Tepic is right next to the bus station and cheap. However, we went really cheap. We said 'no' to the TV. A TV in your room costs extr . . . more

The dolphin was drunk

La Paz to Mazatlan, Mexico, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-23
The dolphin was drunk. It was wearing a silly hat, and just looking not looking totally sober. The dolphin was the logo of the cheezy night club aboard the boat and it was on the shirts of the wait staff. You see, the boat from La Paz to Mazatlan had . . . more

Mazatlan on a budget

Mazatlan, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-23
If you are ever in Mazatlan, run, don't walk, run away from the fancy hotels. Sure the beach is wonderful, the restaurants are beautiful, and the pools are warm and inviting. Okay, maybe just walk away, or rather stay a while and enjoy, if that's you cup . . . more

I pooshed de button, and dropped my cookies.

Tiajuana to La Paz, Mexico - dave: 1998-11-17
"Blah blah blah blah" said this guy in military uniform. At least that is what is sounded like to me. I don't speak Spanish. So, I said the only Spanish words I know: "No Hablo Espaniol." He responed to me with "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bl . . . more

Plan Update #2

Oaxaca, Mexico - theplan: 1998-11-06
Well, it has been about a week since our last travel update, and given
the unreliablity of my hotmail access and internet cafes, I thought
we would write while we had the chance to do so.

We are in Oaxaca (pronounced wo-hak-a, . . . more

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