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porn for breakfast

Milan, Italy - bette: 2004-02-24
With only pennies to our names Milan hardly seemed like the obvious place for two students to explore but there’s so much more to Milan than the expensive designer living its famous for.
We did all our travelling round the city on foot which was an ama . . . more

It was Sept. 14th . . .

Monaco, Italy - Ulrica: 2000-09-16
It was September 14th 1982 when Princess Grace and her daughter Princess Stephanie were in their car having a "Mother and Daughter" chat, when Grace suffered a stroke and plummeted off the road known as the Grand Corniche. It was September 14th 2000 when . . . more


Venezia, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-07
Here is my debut on the story side of this trip! Well, after a great time in Florence, we took a nice morning train to Venice. A nice in-flight service served us Coke and cookies. Nice for a change to be on a clean train here in Italy. Normally they throw . . . more

Whoa!...the Italian Coast!

Pisa, Cinque Terre, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-06
After a quick trip to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower (it certainly is leaning!) we hit the train for Cinque Terre ( a place that Jim, a friend of ours, told us about--he served his mission in Milan). It is incredible. We laid on the beach, which was kind . . . more


Rome and Florence, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-05
We spent the day doing not much of anything, which was great considering that we did Rome in a day the day before. We had a delightful day wondering the streets near the Vatican and then the evening in Piazza Navona, a central hangout with fountains and l . . . more


Roma, Italia, Italy - KimnBensEuropetrip2000: 2000-05-04
After writing from a harbor-side cafe we went up to Monte Carlo, where the casino is on the hill over Monaco city. After many days of walking and walking with or without our packs we got tired and finally it hit us. We were both tired and grumpy but luck . . . more

The Coliseum

Rome, Italy - thumbsup: 1990-06-15
The third photo in the collection. The guest thumb in this one is Jeff. I met Jeff along with Mike on a boat from a port near Olympia on its way to Brendisi. Jeff, Mike, and I travelled together for about two weeks. We went from Italy to Austria, were hone . . . more

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