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Goa Beach Travelogue

Goa, India - goabeach: 2004-01-28
Favourite Beaches of Goa
The beaches of Goa are like the curves of a woman's body - warm, inviting, sensous.

The combination of the "sosegădo" or laid back lifestyle, bracing weather and Goa's carnival-like nightlife has been known to lure ma . . . more

Malana, the strangest village I've ever visited.

Malana, India - dave: 1993-10-07
The trail to Malana was beautiful. Although picturesque, Malana is wierd. You must not touch anything in the village, not even the people. If you touch something, you are fined 1000 rupies. As far as I understand it, this is not a punitive fine. It is . . . more


Bhuntar, India - dave: 1993-10-03

Spent all day yesturday on the bus. Got to Bhuntar. Night there, morning, bus to Jari. From Jari I plan to trek (my first trek in the Himalaya. Woohoo!) to Malana.

They have wonderful ways of spelling things here:

Scrumbled eggs < . . . more

Monkeys and traffic

Simla, India - dave: 1993-10-01

The bus let me off in Simla.

Simla is a lot like a Swiss mountain village, except for all the monkeys. It is up in the mountains and surrounded by evergreen trees, lind of like home (Vancouver, Canada), and the best part is that it is NOT HO . . . more

My first bus ride in India

North from Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-30
I decided to go north before it got too cold, and then maybe swing around India clockwise.

I headed north out of New Delhi on a train. It was my first train ride in India. I rode second class. It was just fine.

I was going north to a . . . more

Gandhi memorial

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-22

I went to see the Gandhi memorial, where he was creamated. A simple memorial in a little garden.

Then I went accros the street to the Gandhi museum. In it, in one glass case, they had the bullet that killed him, and the blood stained clothe . . . more

King Fisher Beer

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-21
"Most thrilling chilled" - slogan for King Fisher Beer, 20Rs - 60 Rs
. . . more

Buffet in a sauna

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-20

So far, new delhi is like a buffet in a sauna.
. . . more

Child beggars, flies, and New Delhi

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-19

I stepped out of the hotel this morning, and my senses were assaulted by so many sights, sounds, and smells. It is virtually indescribable, at least beyond my powers of description.

Beggars follow you for blocks. Children hold up fingerless . . . more

They say you will never forget your first night in India.

New Delhi, India - dave: 1993-09-18

I met two fellow Vancouverites in line for the airport money exchange, Mark and Ian. They were meeting their friend Nadine, who has been in India for four months now. They invited my to follow them. She led us to a bus.

The bus took off . . . more

Taj Mahal

Agra, India - thumbsup: 1993-03-06
This is the only thumbs up photo I took during my trip to India. I travelled in India for about 6 months. The guest thumb was a stander by, who really didn't understand what the heck I was doing (as many people don't understand this, wierd huh?). I thought . . . more

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