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mmMMMMmmmmm chocolate train tracks

Hershey Electric Railway, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-21
The Hershey chocolate people built a railway in the early 1900s to carry sugar cane and cocoa beans to factories.
There is actually a town in Cuba called Hershey.
The train is very slow. . . . more

Pa - se - por - tay!

Havana, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-20

Dark night, central Havana. "Pa - se - por - tay" calls out the policeman. "Fuck" I say to myself. I don't have my passport with me.
I hand my drivers licence to the officer. "Columbia!?" he says. "No, British Columbia" I said, but the differ . . . more

I fell off the bus.

Havana, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-19
Most passenger busses in Cuba are these trailers called "camels" for their shape. They are pulled by those freight truck rig thingys.
I tried to get on one but the doors shut on me. Those doors shut so violently, that I was thrown backwards to the gr . . . more


Havana, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-18

I wondered into a church in Havana, just a small church, but I nice one. There was a man there, who said "come come", indicating I should follow him. We went down some stairs into this crypty kind of place where there was a wall with shelf like hole . . . more

Every cow has a white bird.

Countryside, Cuba - dave: 1999-03-17
Maybe I've just never noticed it before. Maybe this is true elsewhere in the world as well. It seems, that in Cuba, every cow has a white bird standing near it's feet (hoofs).
. . . more

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