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Hitching B.C

British Columbia, Canada - lsp181: 2004-01-20
Hitch hiking is a tradition that had been around for a long time. It has always been the ultimate in budget travel to me. It usually went hand in hand with surviving on a sheckle or two a day, along with washing and relieving yourself in . . . more

hurricane gustaf

PEI, Canada - susan: 2002-09-18
I am in the midst of the Cross Canada Birthday Tour 2002 with my sisters and 6 week old niece. We're an adventurous lot, so we decided to fly to New Brunswick on September 11, and were subjected to security officers in Toronto that obviously had their tra . . . more

the most beautiful hi-way in the world

banff national park, Canada - kenkoy: 2002-06-01
my sister and i rented a ford compact coupe and drove through the canadian rockies, a vast, evergreen national park. with free roaming wild life, imposing snow-capped moutains and glaciers the whole stretch of high-way is arguably the most beautiful drive . . . more

Friendly Giant

Toronto, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-08-01

Only Canadians will be exited about this one, but I got a thumbs up picture of the actual Friendly Giant castle. . . . more

Maple Leaf Gardens

Toronto, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-08-01
Maple Leaf Gardens . . . more

CN Tower

Toronto, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-08-01
The CN Tower . . . more

The Big Apple

Somewhere on the 401, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-07-30
The Big Apple. . . . more

I am almost home

Highway 1, Canada - dave: 2001-06-26
Lorax donner blitzen
I drove 4000km from Vancovuer to Inuvik, and then flew half an hour north to Tuktoyuktuk. Then I flew back and drove back to Vancouver. I did all of this in a week. Do not do this in a week. This trip desrves one month or more. It was amazing. Drivin . . . more

Made it to the end of the Dempster

Inuvik, Canada - dave: 2001-06-21
I finally made it to Inuvik. It is the longest day of the year, but much to my dismay, they have postponed solstace celebrations until tomorrow. However, today is, of coarse, aboriginal day, and I found myself in the middle of a public BBQ. MMmmmmmmmm. . . . more

S.S. Klondike

Whitehorse, Canada - thumbsup: 2001-06-20
S.S. Klondike
S.S. Klondike.

. . . more

Grizzly Bear

Yukon, Canada - dave: 2001-06-19

I saw a Grizzly Bear as I drove up the Alaska Hwy, but then she ran away. . . . more

Yukon Border

Yukon Border, Canada - dave: 2001-06-19
I got as far as the Yukon border. . . . more

Highway 99, north of Whistler

Highway 99, Canada - dave: 2001-06-18

Highway 99, north of Whistler - the famous Pemberton/Lillooet highway is really worth the drive, it is one of the most beautful highways I have travelled.
. . . more

We're almost ready to go.

Almost there...., Canada - CarolynandOllie: 2000-10-11
Well, we're almost ready to go. We just spent a couple of hours at MEC buying last minute items (sleeping bag, etc). We had lunch at Habibi's on Broadway. MMMMmmmmmmm....Yum Yum.
I "special ordered" a book at Chapter's on Peru and Bolivia. To my su . . . more

This story is for my Mom.

North Vancouver, Canada - Ulrica: 2000-09-05
This story is for my Mom. She has been the very patient pupil in a crash course on how to get onto the Internet to read these fancy fangled Journeyfile entries of mine. We don't have a computer at home so we have been to the Library twice now in the past . . . more

Only 12 more days and counting!

North Vancouver, Canada - Ulrica: 2000-08-25
Only 12 more days to go until I leave on my trip. Most people would be excited by now, but not me. I'm one of those people that holds my sh*t together about travelling . . . until I actually have to let go of my suitcase and check it in at the airport! . . . more

The Green Tortiose

Seattle to San Fransisco, Canada - dave: 1998-11-09
You know the feeling you get when your in someone's living room going down the highway at a mile a minute? That's kind of what the Green Tortoise is like. It's an old bus that is converted into a giant moving be . . . more

$54 for a foot passenger?

Victoria, Canada - dave: 1998-11-04
My plan was to take the Victoria-Seattle ferry. It turns out the ferry costs $54 USD for a foot passenger on this 2 hour trip.

The tourist office in downtown Victoria suggested I go via Vancouver, but I just came from Vancouver, and that would d . . . more

When am I leaving

Victoria, Canada - dave: 1998-11-01

I'm on my way to Mexico and beyond, but I didn't buy am airline ticket. I'm travelling by foot, bus, taxi, or whatever will take me.

It's funny what not having a set departure date does. "Soon", I'd say to everyone that asked when I was le . . . more

My trip to PEI

PEI, Canada - dave: 1992-06-17
This video is from my trip to P.E.I. The only thing in it that isn't from P.E.I. is the mooses, I saw them on my way back from P.E.I. . . . more

Falling out of an airplane.

Northern Saskatchewan, Canada - dagashi: 1979-01-08
So, I fell out of an airplane at the age of four. Yep, it's true and it was while I was on a journey.

See, the family was on an ice-fishing expedition in Northern Saskatchewan in the dead of winter. During such an occassion we would either a) take . . . more

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