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Ready, set ...

East Doncaster, Australia - rberry: 2004-05-11
With just three days to go before departing for Japan the excitement of setting off on a an eight week adventure is intensifying. The realisation that there are so many things to prepare beforehand is quite daunting. Somehow I hope that everything will fal . . . more

a small white package being exchanged for some money!?!?

Melbourne, Australia - natasha: 1999-01-07
Kristal and I arrived at 6:30 am. It was cold and raining. We managed to find a tram that was going towards the hostel we were to stay at. The Enfield in St. Kilda. We were tired and grumpy. The hostel was a bit run down and the office was dark with s . . . more

It almost makes it pointless to shower...

Canberra, Australia - natasha: 1999-01-05
Kristal and I caught a bus to Canberra via Murray Bus Co. It was a AUS$ 19, 4 hour ride. Canberra is Australia's capital. It is not a very big city, and has too many grey buildings. We stayed at Victor Lodge. It is by far the best hostel that I've sta . . . more

An hour and half, and a nudy beach later we arrived in Coogee

Coogee, Australia - natasha: 1999-01-02
Rick, Kristal, Elizabeth and I headed out to the Madison with Ian (the owner of the boat). Today our mission was to float just off of Coogee Beach for the Carlton beer promotion from 5-6pm. An hour and half, and a nudy beach later we arrived in Coogee. . . . more

I saw what looked like a shark fin ahead of us

Sydney, Australia - natasha: 1999-01-01
We're still in the harbour this a.m. Perhaps I made it sound like a peaceful night sleeping out on the boat, but I don't think I mentioned the mossies. They are every where and always worse in the evenings.
We sailed out to Manly, which was roughly a . . . more

a small engine fire and some flooding??

Sydney, Australia - natasha: 1998-12-31
On the road again. Today was my last day with the Edwards. It is time to get travelling again and plans have been made. A travelling companion, Kristal (also from Langley), and I have booked a ferry to Tasmania Jan 11. Meanwhile we'll bus to Canberra J . . . more

Christmas Carols in Wahroonga

Wahroonga, Australia - natasha: 1998-12-13
I met up with Becky and the family she nanny's for in Wahroonga (40 min N of Sydney). We walked up to Sydney Adventice hospital where we set up a blanket while waiting for the evening's entertainment. We were on the lawn in front of the hospital. There . . . more

To be a Nanny/Groom in Arcadia

Arcadia, Australia - natasha: 1998-11-12
I took the train out to hornsby (45 min north of Sydney) I was picked up by Kate is a brand new four door landcruiser and taken on a few errands before I was taken to her home in Arcadia. I am now a full time live in nanny to 5 children and I also look . . . more

The bartenser had never heard of Clamato.

Sydney, Australia - natasha: 1998-10-28
Today the whole group had an orientation session. We were told about accomodation, travelling and work, the usual sales pitch. Which by the way, provided me with enough information to consider changing my plan of travel. I now plan to head south to Melb . . . more

Another chapter from OZ

Barrier Reef, Australia - mark: 1998-04-09
I recently went scuba diving on the barrier reef for 3 days and saw some amazing things.  I only saw one 6 foot reef shark, but that was plenty big enough.  We also did a couple of night dives which was like being in space while trying to catch Lobsters at . . . more

I said good-bye to New Zealand

Melbourne, Australia - mark: 1998-03-12
Hello everyone, I said good-bye to New Zealand and have just spent the last few days in Melbourne.

Before arriving in Australia, I rode my motorcycle back up north to Auckland after surviving a horrible small plane ride from the South island to No . . . more

Opera House

Sydney, Australia - thumbsup: 1992-08-17
The sixth photo in the collection. This photo was taken by my sister in Australia. . . . more

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